Friday, May 11, 2012

Pool safe?

A couple of days ago husband and son worked to spread our pool cover over our curvy pool.  Tucker thought he could  "walk on water" while they were working!  Of course you can't walk on water Tucker though for awhile you did walk on the cover till you got to the edge of it then

When we brought Tucker home our pool cover was folded up for next summer and we of course familiarized him with the pool edges and the water.  He never once tried to get in.  He seemed pool safe.   He hadn't learned that the cover skims the surface of the water and beneath it is not solid ground.

He tried twice while they put it on and both times they had to teach him that no, he can't get in the pool.  Thankfully he can dog paddle.

There is a lesson here.  Have you introduced your poochie to the pool and pool cover yet?  We use to have a pool fence when we had little kids but we removed it once our son was near 7 and would not get in the pool without an adult watching .  I wish our pool was a shape that we could have a cover that you could walk on or the kind of pool safety fence that is easy to remove as needed and put back up.  Ours was 6 foot high rod iron fencing that made you feel like you were an outsider looking into a apartment pool.  

So if you haven't double checked to see how your poochie is around a pool, maybe remind them of where the steps are if by chance they fall in.  Have a practice drill for their safety and your peace of mind.  

The photo above is done by a photographer Seth Casteel.  Check out his amazing doggy underwater photos!


Sara said...

No pool here, but good reminders for those that do!

My dogs hate swimming! What did Tucker think?

Nola said...

Nola loves the pool! We don't need pool covers here, but she knows how to get out and she's a strong swimmer
Dachshund Nola's MOm

Priscilla said...

No pool here. I don't think Eva will try to get in the pool as she hates to get herself wet. : )

Ellen said...

Oh Tucker, stay safe sweetie. Years ago when Sugar was a pup, we were at my son's house and he had one of those covers on his pool Sugar also had no idea what was under it and fell right in. Luckily we saw it happen and got her out. Last summer Meeka spied a cat on our back block wall and went tearing after it, not the least bit paying attention to the pool and splat, right in she went. Again, I happened to be watching so I got her out. I worry about them with our pool. They don't like to go swimming but I tried last year to teach them the steps, but I don't think they would think of it when they are in a panic. I'm going to work on it again this summer.

Bassetmomma said...

Oh, I wish we had a pool! Great safety tips though!

tubby3pug said...

Great tips, we have no pool here but we wish we did!. That picture is too cute for words, you have to try entering it in a contest

urban hounds

Rumpydog said...

smart advice!
Happy Mothers Day!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy All, we wish we had a pool but no such luck here. Great advice though. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

We don't have a pool. But the one you got sounds pawsome!!!!