Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because we all love to nap...



       Puppy dreams with little yips and twitching paws....

         Kitty cuddles.....

                   "My 'Do Not Disturb sign' is up"

"Please let me stay in your bed....please?"

"Mewwwwww you took my covers!  Now I give you the kitty stare of disgust"

Stewie in his puppy den of comfort and safety...on my side of the bed....all covered up with his blue blankie....content.....I use to want to get him a special bed in our room but the crate IS his special bed.  He made that clear to us.... the bed he would like to sleep in instead of his crate at night.  And we would, only he jumps up and barks at the littlest sound as though a prowler is lurking outside....sorry Tucker but only during the day do you get this bed.  His crate on Daddy's side and toys strewn all over the floor.

Lastly Leela and Luna, sisters who rarely are apart....sleeping in a basket that really is too small for them but that is where they choose to slumber.  Luna making sure to keep Leela's whiskers short as she grooms her constantly.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We're back.....!

Where oh where has Pupparoos been...(sung to the tune of Where oh where has my little dog gone...)?  Let's just say I was taking some personal time off from writing that went on much longer than expected.  Too much going on with stuff unrelated to the poochies!

While we were away (without even going on a trip), Tucker's ears have magically tipped.  I thought he was going to have his ears up forever and we were okay with that.  Shelties and their ears....I wonder if Collies do the same?  

Tucker had a run in with the sprinklers.  We finally had to turn the lawn sprinklers on with the rainy season passing.  I casually let him out since he so politely tapped on the sliding glass door with his front paw (which is to let us know that he would like to go out please).  He will keep tapping at the door as well as look back as if to say "hurry up....please".

I frankly hadn't paid attention that the sprinklers were going till I saw this flying Sheltie running around the pool.  I wish I had photos of that!  By the time I got the rubber gloves off from washing dishes, to picking up the camera and scooting out the door, Tucker was in a perplexed wet state.

"Mom, what happened?  It's raining where I need to go potty!"

Obviously he went since he got pretty wet and I think he found the sprinklers fun to play in....just like a little kid.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stewie lovin' his new lion

Stewie loves the new lion stuffy that I bought....oh Tucker does it was all Stewie's.

He was enjoying the multiple squeaks he could make it do, along with chewing on the lion's mane...mmmmmm tasty!

I had to post this photo of precious Stewie!  He does his "up" so cute!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pool safe?

A couple of days ago husband and son worked to spread our pool cover over our curvy pool.  Tucker thought he could  "walk on water" while they were working!  Of course you can't walk on water Tucker though for awhile you did walk on the cover till you got to the edge of it then

When we brought Tucker home our pool cover was folded up for next summer and we of course familiarized him with the pool edges and the water.  He never once tried to get in.  He seemed pool safe.   He hadn't learned that the cover skims the surface of the water and beneath it is not solid ground.

He tried twice while they put it on and both times they had to teach him that no, he can't get in the pool.  Thankfully he can dog paddle.

There is a lesson here.  Have you introduced your poochie to the pool and pool cover yet?  We use to have a pool fence when we had little kids but we removed it once our son was near 7 and would not get in the pool without an adult watching .  I wish our pool was a shape that we could have a cover that you could walk on or the kind of pool safety fence that is easy to remove as needed and put back up.  Ours was 6 foot high rod iron fencing that made you feel like you were an outsider looking into a apartment pool.  

So if you haven't double checked to see how your poochie is around a pool, maybe remind them of where the steps are if by chance they fall in.  Have a practice drill for their safety and your peace of mind.  

The photo above is done by a photographer Seth Casteel.  Check out his amazing doggy underwater photos!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I've been waiting to share this photo of Mr. Stewie.

Guess you can see why I love this of him....come on....Stewie with shades and a Corona beer?  He is ready for summer!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's me Tucker......

Mom hasn't been feeling herself coz her neck was feelin' icky....I think she might be better and I'll get to go for some long walkies as well as stir up trouble.....oh yeah....I do that everyday!

I think I'll take a nap coz I'm bored till Dad gets home so we can play....