Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Call me a wild one!

Puppy Adolescence

Puppyhood.....ah yes, that little bundle of a puppy has almost reached adulthood...sort of.  While Tucker is not close to a year yet he certainly is an adolescent.

I've included the link above from www.dogster.com that I found to be helpful in understanding where Tucker is with his behaviors.

He really has been good on the housebreaking with only one accident in just shy of two months and that was a surprise as to why it happened.  He taps at the door when he wants to go out and that is more than I can get Stewie to do.  (Stewie would you learn like Tucker please? Stewie still goes poop in the house if we have been gone for more than four hours...he seems to have a rigid time of when he goes each day like clockwork and can't / won't hold it)

The challenges with Tucker are the typical puppy stuff.  An abundance of energy that needs to be released or he will be running all over the house like a crazed poochie.  He will harass Stewie to no end in hopes that somehow Stewie will play with him.  He will bother Luna and now with Agador here he goes after him in hopes that he too will play.  Stewie looks up at me with a look that says "RESCUE ME MOM!". 

Everyday when my hubby comes home from work he takes Tucker out to run.  Tucker LOVES this and comes in with the happiest doggone face as well as a wiggley bouncy body.  Sometimes it seems though that it gives him more energy!  

Leaving him when we go out has been hard.  What to do with him?  We keep trying to give him for space by letting him have the run of the kitchen that we make sure to have nothing he can jump and grab off the counters that he shouldn't have.  He hasn't chewed on our dining chairs anymore so they seem safe.  I leave plenty of chew toys around.  So what does he do?  He somehow managed to pull the saran wrap off a chocolate cake that was pushed back (we thought) far enough and somehow didn't pull the cake, which was on a glass pedestal, off!  I couldn't believe it!!!  I assume he enjoyed licking the icing....now we put everything as far to the other side of the counters as is possible.

We use to let him out on the deck via the doggie door but he is chewing on my wicker rockers.  Not on the legs but he seems to want to chew on the inside of the arms.  So he doesn't get to hang out there without us keeping an eye on him.  I don't want to have to move my rockers but I don't want them destroyed either.

The last time we left him with the toy that I can fill with treats that he has to work on to get the treats out.  We came home to find the bottom of the container broken off as well as shattered around the rim.  Totally useless now.  I wonder if he swung it on the tile floor where it banged and that broke it.  He got the treats...which was what he wanted.  I'm going to find an unbreakable plastic one that will keep him entertained.

Training.....at home he does so well when we are practicing in our driveway.  When we go out on the street it is as though he has forgotten it all!   Forget heeling, forget to ignore other dogs and people, forget to ignore passing cars....practice and more practice...patience as well.

So how are you and your adolescent puppy doing?  Any tips you can share for when you leave home?  Where do you place your puppy when you are gone from home?


Rama's Mama said...

Boy do I feel where you're coming from with this post! Rama is 16 months old and in true adolescent fashion is finding new and better ways to drive me batty. Still, she is nowhere near the level of difficulty that The Littles still present to this day, and they are all adults! The key to managing adolescent behaviors is obedience work and walks. Plenty of exercise tires the mind, tires the body. Rama is wonderful in the house so I leave her out when we are gone, but if a pup is anything less than trustworthy I will crate them when I leave, both for their own safety and the safety of the house, lol. Your little one is adorable! I look forward to reading more!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Puppyhood is the best. We are almost 5 and act like babies
Benny & Lily

Sara said...

oh tucker, you are trouble with a capital T. Chewy is too.

I let chewy have free reign when we are gone, but when he was younger he stayed in his crate.

The more exercise they get the better. Have you tried the Chase it toy? It really helps me wear chewy out.

tubby3pug said...

Its been five years since we had a puppy, but we will be getting a new one soon. My husband nad I both work full time so we have to make sure any pup has a safe place to play. The first thing we do is use baby gates and I use an x pen since the pup will be alone about 5 hrs during the work day (husband leaves for work later when we have a young pup). The x pen lets the pup have a little more room. I always leave a pup kongs stuffed with some food to keep them amused. When I come home I clean up any mess in the x pen and immediately take the pup out. I reward the puppy anytime it goes outside and I make sure when I am home to stay right on top of the pup and make sure to take him or her out regularly. This works pretty well and even with me working full time all my dogs have been trained by about 6-7 months of age.

I also make sure to give the dogs play time and exercise when I am home. Since my husband and I do work I tend to go with less energetic breeds: pug, bulldog, etc. If we do get another high energy dog someday I think we will then invest in doggie day care.

Urban Hounds

Nola said...

Someone's trouble! I feel your pain though, Nola is just coming out of her (5th) hellion faze. What works for her is EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE! She's just terrible if she doesn't get at least one long walk/run a day.
Half of Nola's toys are left out all the time and the other half are put away till I leave the house so she has something new to do. Her Kong toy (R.I.P. Lol I have to get her the black one now) was great at keeping her busy if I leave pr am cooking and she's under foot. I fill it will low fat yogurt and put an apple or banana slice in it then freeze it. Hope this helps!
She also has special, high value treats when we're on walks or in public; that's the only time she can have them.
Dachshund Nola's Mommy

Jules said...

Irie is 7 months and she is crated at night and crated if I have to leave her home. She is a terror and I absolutely don't trust she wouldn't get into some sort of trouble! She is going through a fear period, so we are doing light resocialization and desensitization with a variety of people and situations.

Bassetmomma said...

Yep! It's out of one phase and into another! I love the look on Tucker's face. I think it says it all! BLO!

Mileys Daily Scoop said...

We loved puppyhood!! Great photo and duckie!

English Rider said...

There's a feeling of safety and security in a crate. Keep a special "reward chew toy" only for crate time to make it special.
If you get one of those hard rubber Kong's (that can have a rope through the middle for throwing) you can soak some kibble and stuff the Kong's center hole with it. Pack it in tight and freeze it. It will take him a long time to lick and gnaw it all out and there's nothing he can destroy, or that will harm him.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi All, as you know we have two pups. Stella the Cocker Spaniel, 11 months, full of energy and the nosiest little rascal you could get. Rory, the Great Dane, 9 months, placid, would sleep all day if you let him. We have always locked our dogs outside when we go out,even from a very early age. Our fencing is secure and we just let them have the run of the yard. They have of course, chewed up things outside, dug a couple of holes (nothing too serious) but I would rather have them outside than inside while we are out. When we are home they are inside with us.

Stella has been going on a five km walk every day since she was about 7 months just to use up some of her energy. Rory has just started walking but at a slower pace. We also let Stella off lead a lot and while we may walk 5 km she would probably run about 7-8 with all the coming backwards and forwards to us with her sniffing around as we walk. We are lucky to have a dirt road that rarely has traffic so this is safe for her. Its also good for her recall.

They both have Kongs, chewy toys etc to keep them busy. I think its just one of those things you have to get through till they are a little older. Tucker's breed seems very active and Stella is like that too but the exercise is the thing that wears her out.

As for the Obedience, keep on with it, try to keep the outside obedience short workouts 5-10 mins say a couple of times a day rather than one big long session. That works for us.

You are doing a marvellous job. Everything you talk about sounds so normal to us. One day you will laugh at all these antics and as we all do, another puppy comes along and we start all over again! Gluttons for punishment hehe. Take care. You are not alone, pups are hard work but fabulous fun too. No worries, and love, Carol

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Hi Tucker! Sounds like you are a ball of energy! Mommy lets me and Benji have full reign of the house. Usually aliens come and rip up paper towels or rip up the newspaper! Aliens sure must love to read. But other than that -- Mommy says we are good boys when we are home alone. We don't pull things off the kitchen table -- we (I mean the aliens) like to pull the stuff off the end tables in the living room). There was only 1 potty accident in months! That happened the other day -- Mommy came home from work and we were so excited. We were so busy being so happy Mommy came home from work, that we forgot to do our potty #2 outside. She let us in and one of us went poo on the rug as soon as we came in. I ain't admitting to anything. Mommy says I am a good influence on Benji. Benji learned fast by watching me, especially on the potty training when he was a little puppy.

Priscilla said...

Oh puppyhood! That's the cutest time ever!

Eva is already two but she still acts like a puppy or she thinks she is a puppy. When we aren't at home, she stays in her room but the whole house is her when we're at home. She likes to play with her stuffies, all sort of stuffies and she is usually very gentle to them so her toys can last very long. We let her out in the yard when the weather is good, she likes to chase whatever moving object and this helps to wear her out.

About those twisted, fleeced toys in our posts, they were all given by friends. Those fantastic friends made the toys too. Eva is one rotten spoilt sheltie girl!

Ellen said...

Sorry I don't have any hints, I'm just here to commiserate with you. My oldest son has three dogs, two are older then there is Biscuit. She is about 18 months old. She is half Australian Shepherd and half springer spaniel. She is adorable, but she just can't keep herself from chewing on what she shouldn't. My son works long hours and although the other dogs are fine outside (where they all stay when he is gone). He had a beautiful back yard which is now full of holes and chewed up lawn furniture. He has had too many problems with her chewing on furniture if he leaves her in the house. He takes them to the dog park for exercise at night, but she is just a chewer. They are coming to visit us for Easter, I love the cute little pup, but every time they leave, something in my backyard is broken or rip up including the sprinklers she has eaten. She is just quite a handful. I'll be reading all your comments to see if they can help Biscuit. Good luck.