Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is sweet and tickle the whiskers cute

I'm late in finding "Modern Family" but I have become a huge fan now.  So I was on facebook and off to the side where they have nifty or annoying ads was this is cute and sweet and isn't Eric just a kick?  His poochie Colman....aahhhhhhh so cute.

I'm not familiar with the product Beneful but I did like the ad....

Friday, April 20, 2012


I haven't mentioned Agador, our house guest, or as I say Grandkitty.  So I thought I would share some closeups of him and his unusual coat.

He's on the desk in our bedroom keeping eyes on the poochies (Tucker mainly) as well as our two Siamesers who are lurking around these days and being rude to our house guest.  

Here you can see his rather unusual coat with all it's rumply soft waves.  You can see where he doesn't have fur below his ears and on his belly.  

He also has some bare areas between his front legs.  We tease him and say he has saggy old man boobs.  I don't think he appreciates this comment.

Devon Rex's also don't have kitty whiskers like you would expect.  They are short and stubby.

He's made himself quite at home here....snuggled in our bed even after we got up.  He's going to milk those warm sheets for as long as he can...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mom's chair

Hey I know why you like mom's chair...pretty cozy and I can look outside.

Dude...this is my chair.  Mom told me so.

Really....coz I didn't hear that?

Mom get him off my chair....

Mom says smile for the camera and we needs to!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Purple Ball

Tucker loves my exercise ball.  LOVES IT!  He is obsessed with it!

He becomes a circus dog standing on his back legs and rolling the ball in front of himself..

He barks up a storm at it....

He rests with it.....

I love my purple ball.....

I don't seem to be able to exercise with the ball anymore.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hearth and home survived!

We had a very full day for Easter and none of it was at our home.  We were out for brunch for almost 3 hours, home for an hour and half, then off to an early supper with family for five hours at their home.  I can't thank my blogfriends enough for the suggestions of filling Kongs with frozen yogurt, peanut butter and small treats which I am sure saved Tucker from hours on end of bordom as well as saving my kitchen cabinets.

I was worried for the long stretch in the late afternoon evening as both poochies would miss the afternoon romp time, their dinner time as well as any potty breaks.  He was such a good boy and didn't pee or poo in the house!!!!  He didn't eat the cabinets which though I would like new kitchen cabinets I am grateful that they are still in one piece.  

Stewie sadly had a pee accident but he kindly peed on the bathroom mat which has a rubber back and did not go through to the carpet underneath.  I'm afraid that Stewie has a very tiny bladder.....however he didn't go poo which surprised me because 4:00 o'clock is his time to do that deed.

Here is Tucker under our bed ( I told you we had high beds) where he enjoys hiding as well as playing "catch me if you can" with my hubby at night before bedtime.  I think Tucker is too use to my husband playing with him and not training with him that he won't do as he is told.  I can tell Tucker "go to your bed" and he walks right in his crate...for my husband...forget it. 

I have to share this sweet hankie that my daughter found.....

I know it's a collie and not a sheltie but that matters not.... I love old hankies.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stewie time

I thought Stewie needed some blog time....Here he is checking out the birdies outside our bedroom window.  We have a bird feeder  off on a nearby tree and Stewie and I like to watch the birdies together.  I'll ask him "Where's the birdies Stewie?" and he will look and wag his tail, look at me,  then back to hunting with his eyes.

I love my Stewie.....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

For all our Dachshund will love this!

Did you see this?  I was checking facebook this morning and Doggone Tags had this up.  It is just too cute and too fun to watch.  Having done Barrel Racing on my horse when I was in my teens I know how fast you are suppose to go, but this little poochie "Mini" is dynamite fast!  And "Mini" also does some outstanding "Hi Ho Silver" spins too!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Call me a wild one!

Puppy Adolescence

Puppyhood.....ah yes, that little bundle of a puppy has almost reached adulthood...sort of.  While Tucker is not close to a year yet he certainly is an adolescent.

I've included the link above from that I found to be helpful in understanding where Tucker is with his behaviors.

He really has been good on the housebreaking with only one accident in just shy of two months and that was a surprise as to why it happened.  He taps at the door when he wants to go out and that is more than I can get Stewie to do.  (Stewie would you learn like Tucker please? Stewie still goes poop in the house if we have been gone for more than four hours...he seems to have a rigid time of when he goes each day like clockwork and can't / won't hold it)

The challenges with Tucker are the typical puppy stuff.  An abundance of energy that needs to be released or he will be running all over the house like a crazed poochie.  He will harass Stewie to no end in hopes that somehow Stewie will play with him.  He will bother Luna and now with Agador here he goes after him in hopes that he too will play.  Stewie looks up at me with a look that says "RESCUE ME MOM!". 

Everyday when my hubby comes home from work he takes Tucker out to run.  Tucker LOVES this and comes in with the happiest doggone face as well as a wiggley bouncy body.  Sometimes it seems though that it gives him more energy!  

Leaving him when we go out has been hard.  What to do with him?  We keep trying to give him for space by letting him have the run of the kitchen that we make sure to have nothing he can jump and grab off the counters that he shouldn't have.  He hasn't chewed on our dining chairs anymore so they seem safe.  I leave plenty of chew toys around.  So what does he do?  He somehow managed to pull the saran wrap off a chocolate cake that was pushed back (we thought) far enough and somehow didn't pull the cake, which was on a glass pedestal, off!  I couldn't believe it!!!  I assume he enjoyed licking the we put everything as far to the other side of the counters as is possible.

We use to let him out on the deck via the doggie door but he is chewing on my wicker rockers.  Not on the legs but he seems to want to chew on the inside of the arms.  So he doesn't get to hang out there without us keeping an eye on him.  I don't want to have to move my rockers but I don't want them destroyed either.

The last time we left him with the toy that I can fill with treats that he has to work on to get the treats out.  We came home to find the bottom of the container broken off as well as shattered around the rim.  Totally useless now.  I wonder if he swung it on the tile floor where it banged and that broke it.  He got the treats...which was what he wanted.  I'm going to find an unbreakable plastic one that will keep him entertained. home he does so well when we are practicing in our driveway.  When we go out on the street it is as though he has forgotten it all!   Forget heeling, forget to ignore other dogs and people, forget to ignore passing cars....practice and more practice...patience as well.

So how are you and your adolescent puppy doing?  Any tips you can share for when you leave home?  Where do you place your puppy when you are gone from home?