Sunday, March 25, 2012

Martingale Collars

Blog any of you use Martingale collars for your poochies?  Our new dog trainer has suggested this for Tucker versus the traditional choke chain.  I'm not familiar with them and would love some input.  Do you use the Martingale collar with the chain or without?  How have you felt about them for training?

I like our new trainer Nobu as he wanted to get to know each of us and our dogs.  He asked a lot of questions and gave us some great examples too.  He also wasn't in a hurry as we went over our class time by a half hour.  It is a different style than what I have known.  He called it a "Marker Training".  So I am at school too learning a new lesson with Tucker and letting go of some that we have learned from our previous class at doggie school.

In a way we are starting all over.  The other two poochies have not had any doggie school and one person wasn't at class today.  I'll write more about our class and Tucker's classmates.  

Doggie training sure is different since our Annie girl was in school.  


Nola said...

I've never used them on my dog before. Collars are bad for Dachshunds backs if you walk them on one, so all my dogs wear harnesses. It gives me control but keeps them from being hurt. I've also used harnesses on my late lab, they helped a lot.
I really don't like using a specific piece of equipment for training; Nola trains off leash (in doors) and it creates a much better focus for her
Dachshund Nola's Mommy

tubby3pug said...

I really prefer harnesses I am not a fan of choke chains or martingales. There are lots of harnesses that help prevent pulling and dont cause the injuries associated with choke chains, over time choke chains can harm a dogs neck. I used to use the on Norbert and Im glad I stopped

Urban Hounds

Sara said...

I only use a martingale at agility trials (easy on/off).

I never used a choke chain. My agility instructor won't even allow anyone to participate in class with one.

I like harnesses the best. No pressure on the neck.

Rama's Mama said...

I prefer the regular training collars or head collars but for smaller dogs, a martingale would probably work fine. If your dog has any kind of coat, you may want to consider getting one that is nylon or has some sort of material other than chain, since it can tangle the hair and pull it. Have fun in class!

English Rider said...

A properly fitted martingale is my go-too collar for most of the dogs I've had/fostered. The main advantage is that it won't slip off over the ears if your dog pulls away from you, if startled or resisting. I keep a separate collar on at all times to be sure the dogs always have their tags. With a collie or sheltie coat, I like a rolled leather collar so it doesn't break the hairs around the neck. I like rolled leather anyway, from my horsey days. There's nothing severe or corrective about a martingale. It just stays on.
I dislike choke chains. They can really damage the throat. A pinch, or prong collar is better than a choke. It has no action on a dog unless the dog pulls, which the dog will quickly learn not to do, and it can be a safety issue if a large, unruly dog is dragging it's human around, into the street or after other dogs. I don't believe Tucker is in that category:) I used the prong on a ten year old, 65 lb, dog-aggressive part shepherd. When she came from the pound, I couldn't safely walk her any other way.
As to chain or not, I think that's purely aesthetics. The chain doesn't touch the dog. I bought a clip on martingale for Emma, as she was head shy and I didn't want to force her to submit to something going over her ears all the time. She quickly learned that the martingale meant we were on our way to have some fun and she would sit and wait to have it put on. I like the sound of your trainer so far. Good luck with lessons.

Bassetmomma said...

Martingale never worked for Fred. He still just pulled way to much. I use either a halti or the gentle leader. They give me control without pulling on his neck. Your new trainer sounds great!

georgia little pea said...

Georgia's had all sorts of collars from choke to flat, haltis and harnesses. She hated the halti and would cry and lunge on it. She didn't do well on the harness either, being too powerful. Our only option in the end was to use a choke chain on her. We tried the illusion collar as well but that didn't work as well as it was advertised to.

Since Georgia has a slim sight hound type head, flat collars dont work on her. We use martingales and chokes. With the choke, she settled very quickly. The trick we found was to be firm. Yes it looks harsh but thats how it works. One properly placed quick jerk is much better than prolonged strangling, in my opinion.

Karen from Doggie Stylish also presented us with 2 beautiful martingale collars and they work beautifully, especially now that she's a good heeler. I still use the choke as I'm a more nervous walker but hubby uses just the martingale attached to a leash.

Hope that was helpful.

Priscilla said...

I have never used any Martingale Collars before. I used normal collar when Eva was a puppy and found that she knew how to get herself free by doing a few head exercises.

A friend gave her a harness and from then on, she uses her harness when she goes out. I find it is pretty good and useful

Two French Bulldogs said...

We heard about those but never used them. Do you like it or what
Benny & Lily

Jules said...

I only use martingales (or limited choke collars is another name for them). Because there is a limit to the tightening you cannot damage the trachea the same way you could potentially with a choke chain. The ones I use do not have a chain it is a fabric or leather slip piece. I love them and won't use a regular collar now.

Bailey said...

Sorry no experience. Bailey needed a collar to learn to walk on a leash as he pulled brutally with a harness when we took him to get him trained as a puppy. The trainer moved us to using a basic dog collar and he learned to stop pulling. He has no issue with collar or harness now. Never tried a martingale.

Elizabeth said...

Ellen, I use 1" wide nylon martingales whenever I have JF and Dewi out in public. I do not use them to discourage pulling, however, but only because they can't slip out of them.

If you've got pulling issues, a harness would probably be easier on the dog's neck. (We weren't allowed to use a harness in our training classes, though.)

I've seen chain martingales used for dogs who chew through their collars. BTW, the chain does not touch the dog's neck with a properly fitted martingale.

Good luck!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Ellen, we have used choke chains on all our dogs from a young age and found them to be great. Only with our Great Dane Bruce did we use a Gentle Leader and this was great for a large dog that pulls constantly. It stopped the problem immediately. We have never had a problem with the choke chain and our dogs are great walking close to us.

Different dogs, different collars/chains/harness. Sometimes you have to try a variety to find what's right for your dog. Glad to hear you like your new trainer. Good luck. No worries, and love, Carol

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

we have only used martingale (with the build in chain) since the first day we got Dakota five years ago. In fact, it is his original collar.

We don't use it for training purposes though, it is his every day collar

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

My Mum found that my harness worked the best to stop me pulling - we never used the Martingale, though one of our friends has recently got one and they really like it….

Good luck with finding what works best,

Your pal Snoopy :)

Ellen said...

I have no input on the collar issue because I don't know enough about them. I am excited, however, to hear all about the training sessions and all the dogs.

Leslie said...

I think everybody already covered any points I have to make but we do use a martingale on Bella when we are in our agility for reactive dogs class. She also wears a body harness (both in class and out for regular walks) but that is really to help prevent her from pulling. The martingale is to prevent her from escaping.

Bella has actually gotten out of 3 different body harness and a gentle leader head halter (she can go a little berserk-o when she sees other dogs), so the design of the martingale is the only thing I trust to keep her contained (if not necessarily controlled). Her occasional insane behavior is also why we don't use a choke or prong collar on her - she'd end up hurting herself.

Marquie said...

I've never used a Martingale collar or a choke chain for training, so I'm not sure how it would work for training. Lassie does have a Martingale/combo collar from Lupine, but only because it's so much easier to just slip it on over all his fur! Plus it's nice to know he can't slip out of it. I've been considering getting one for Petal for that reason, but for training I've always used a Gentle Leader or an Easy Walk harness. Both have worked very well for me with the harness being my favorite.

Good luck with your class and with finding whatever works best for Tucker!

Debbie said...

We use an easy walk body harness for our few dogs that pull and we love it. It was reccomended by the trainer when we went to obedience classes.

zeeFM said...

I used a choke chain before during obedience class before switching over to soft nylon martingale or a 2in1 leash collar which works great. Zeus lunges alot though so normal outings he goes on a harness.. we switch around based on activity =D

2 Punk Dogs said...

We use martingale or limited slip collars on both Maggie & Duke. Duke has a big neck & small head, so he could back out of a regular flat collar if something scared him. The martingale collar prevents that. It's wider than a choke chain, so it doesn't put as much pressure on their necks, plus it can't keep tightening like a choke chain. It's also easy to take off when we're inside, as they like to be naked dogs - they've chewed about 10 collars off each other!