Friday, March 30, 2012

A guest in our home

This is my perch

We have a guest staying with us for the next two months.  I guess I shouldn't call him that as we jokingly refer to him as my "grandkittyson".  Yes, Agador will be living with us for the next two months while my daughter volunteers / interns on a goat farm. 

Since she is staying here too till she leaves in another week, he is snuggled up with her at night.  I guess I better enjoy my sleep while I can because once she leaves he will be snuggling with us.  Did that sound bad?  I didn't mean it to!  Agador is adorable.

No poochie bed is safe with Agador

He has to be the warmest kitty to sleep with.  With my night sweats post menopause, this can be just a bit too much heat.  Then I have to throw the blankets and sheets off to cool down.  He doesn't move even when I attempt to gently nudge him over.  He wants to be stuck to you.  I should be grateful that he sleeps next to my belly and not up on my neck or chest as he does with my daughter.  How she sleeps like that I will never understand.

" are on MY bed"

Tucker and he get along quite smashingly!  Much puppy antics go on with Tucker trying to get Agador interested in playtime with him.  Agador looks on with his air of indifference and every so often turns on Tucker with a look of "I dare you".  Believe me, Tucker has great respect for claws.  Poochies have to learn the hard way about claws.

Yes, we will be having some jolly good times for the next two months.  I haven't even told Leela and Luna of this.  Right now they are hanging out in our bedroom and not approaching their cat perch.  When Agador comes it is all his.  Luna becomes a "hissy kitty" and is a perpetual bad mood.  She'll even "hisssss" at us!
I'll try my best to keep the peace while every one works out the relationship issues.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Martingale Collars

Blog any of you use Martingale collars for your poochies?  Our new dog trainer has suggested this for Tucker versus the traditional choke chain.  I'm not familiar with them and would love some input.  Do you use the Martingale collar with the chain or without?  How have you felt about them for training?

I like our new trainer Nobu as he wanted to get to know each of us and our dogs.  He asked a lot of questions and gave us some great examples too.  He also wasn't in a hurry as we went over our class time by a half hour.  It is a different style than what I have known.  He called it a "Marker Training".  So I am at school too learning a new lesson with Tucker and letting go of some that we have learned from our previous class at doggie school.

In a way we are starting all over.  The other two poochies have not had any doggie school and one person wasn't at class today.  I'll write more about our class and Tucker's classmates.  

Doggie training sure is different since our Annie girl was in school.  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Food, food, glorious food!

How do you store your poochies food?  I found these great containers at The Container Store for Stewie and Tucker's doggie kibble.  They hold 20 pounds of food and have smooth rolling wheels, easy open lid with snap locking to keep poochie's from midnight raids.  

Here's Tucker with his muffin tin for mealtime.  I've since replaced that muffin tin because I didn't like the rust that was on this old one.  It just didn't seem right for him to lick that.  The new one cleans up well too compared to the old one which seemed to have this slimy feel to it.  Yuck....

I have to take movies of Tucker and mealtime.  Sara was teaching Oreo to do what she called the "Flea" and I said that Tucker does it all the time.  So I promise to make that little video to get a chuckle over.  

Tucker has his style that I can't really change.  He is better behaved at mealtime in that he is not food-aggressive driven now.  Stewie and he and can eat within about 5 feet of each other in opposite directions and there has been no growling anymore which I think is because it takes Tucker so long to eat.

Have a happy weekend all!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Boy Stewie!

Yep!  Someone is having a birthday today!  Get your horn and give a toot!  Sing along to share in  many more years of Pupparoo! love to Stewie!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Better late than never

Happy St. Patty's Day and we had a little party.  I decked Stewie and Tucker in some green bandanas knowing a hat would never stay put.

Here's Tucker and for some reason wearing his green gave him some zip because he was running around the house, yipping and annoying Stewie to know end.  See that look in his eye?  Yep, that means trouble!

Stewie being small it was hard to roll the bandana small enough that it didn't swallow his head.  He took it with a look of "why me?" but wore it all evening.

The poochies love to be with everyone and it is so nice now that Tucker is a good boy and pretty much has the run of most of the house with no potty mistakes (!!!) in a month.  Wow!  I think he can hold it better than Stewie....little dogs must need to go more often.

Here is another one of Tucker.  He looks good in green the dapper fellow.  He entertained us with chasing "shadows" which is his new game of choice.  Every glimmer of a shadow will have him going crazy to attack.  Flashlight spots were perfect in the evening.  Yes, my husband has encouraged this game and passed the flashlight on to our guests to play the game.  What can I say.....

I've been busy with trying to keep up with writing on my other blogs and trying to read my blog friends and we had some family business to handle this past week.  Hope I'm back in the groove with reading all my poochie friend blogs!  I've missed you all!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Very talented poochies!

I saw this on facebook yesterday and I of course just had to share it.  What smart Golden's these two are!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunol Hike

We went to an area we had never been to this past weekend.  It is in an area that they call the Sunol Wilderness but with all the people out walking, hiking and picnicing it felt like a local park.  

I have a thing about where I hike that I don't like a lot of people.  I don't like to hear cars driving and though I may see as a view a city in the distance, I want to be in the quiet of nature.  At Sunol there were a lot of people, I could hear the back-up beeping of a truck where there is a quarry nearby, and airplanes (it is right under the flight path to the areas airport).   Scenic wise it had it's moments but I must be spoiled to our favorite local spots because this was on a scale of 1 to 5 about a 3.  

What was fun was that the poochies had to go through little streams and that was pretty funny.  Neither has had that experience except in jumping off a wet lawn or a puddle in the street.  This was running water, not deep, with rocks to climb over.  Stewie didn't like it one bit.  Hubby picked him up in one spot and I did the next.  He didn't mind the rocks at all and seemed to like to jump up on them.  Tucker as the hike went on, seemed to not mind.

Tucker had his first encounter with horses and some more cows or should I say a bull.  I'm glad the bull didn't care about us and I'm glad Tucker didn't bark at him.  There were lots of dogs off leash and they were all friendly.

Here's some photos of our hike:

 Here's Tucker in the car on the way.  I'm not sure if he really likes car rides.  He doesn't seem to look the out the window much.

Our son came along which was a treat.  Here the boys are checking out the map of the hiking trails.

Heading up on the Canyon View trail.....the poochies keeping an eye on me.  Hurry up Mom!

The Oak trees are just getting some green leaves.  The grass is shorter because they do let cows graze here.  

Here is hubby and I with Stewie and Tucker clambering on the rocks and boulders near a place that they call "Little Yosemite".  Since we have had very little rain I didn't see the waterfall that is suppose to be so pretty.  I'm sure that these rocks last year were covered with water but it was dry and the water below us was a gentle down flow.

Looks like we will have to wait for another week before our next hike because we are in a wet period now through the coming weekend.  Darn. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our hike in early March

What a gorgeous day we had on our hike.  Perfect temperature for being in the fresh sunshine and many hikers were out.  Some with poochies and some without.  This was Tucker's first hill hiking and he loved it!  He sniffed out every cow-pie he could find and both he and Stewie did a lot of meet and greet along the way too with folks and poochies.  This has to be my favorite time of year to hike as our hills are touched with green with wildflowers on the way.  We haven't had a lot of rain here in Northern California so I hope that doesn't effect the blooming.

Here is Tucker and hubby on our way in the truck.

Heading up the trail.....

Dear hubby taking a photo of Tucker, Stewie and I.....

At the top on Table Top Trail....

Heading down...what a great day!  Maybe next time we go up that way all the California Poppies will be blooming.  Last year some of the hills were covered with a sea of orange poppies.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet Annie....

I was thinking about our Miss Annie today. We went on a lovely hike and she would have loved it. Just a little clip I did a couple of years ago...miss you sweet girl.