Friday, February 24, 2012

All better now

Look how Tucker's coat is coming in!

After the 24 hour "Chocolate Flu" Tucker A.K.A. Mr. Chips is almost normal.  Chocolate toxicity is not to ignore! 

He had a rather embarrassing issue with the runs (sounds and such that he never has experienced) but that was short lived thankfully and done all outside (thank goodness!).  He wanted to drink lots of water if given the chance, but I had to limit that.   Since he was given fluid under the skin I knew he was well hydrated.  

Feeding him at noon, as suggested by the Vet., seemed to stay down, but later in the day I tried to feed him a little cottage cheese and that didn't stay down at all.  Late in the evening I tried again with some white rice cooked in diluted chicken broth and he was able to keep that down.

He woke up once in the night with the runs but by mid morning on the next day he was ravenous for his doggie food and I let him eat a light meal to test his holding it down.  He was back to his normal dinner that evening.  He still wants to drink a lot of water so I feel he is still trying to flush his body of the toxins.  With all that water he needs to go out more too which has out in the middle of the night for a potty run. 

No more cookies Tucker!

Stewie catching some rays

On a different note.  Tucker when it comes to meals, has been less than polite.  Between the food aggression and his gulping down his food I have been quite busy trying to figure out the best strategy for handling him.  Yesterday I read this great tidbit that suggested using a muffin tin to put a dogs kibble in.  Brilliant!  Here I've been searching online for dog dishes that are for slowing a dog down with large plastic prongs that stick up so they have to eat around them to obtain their food.  I had been to our local pet supply but they did not carry them.  

The muffin tin works fantastic.  I have a 8 cup one that I spread his food in and it takes him quite some time to eat his meal now.  This wouldn't work for those poochies that don't have a snout or for big snout dogs but for Tucker and his size snout it is just the right size.  He sort of makes a mess at the start but he slows down and then cleans up any kibble that has fallen on the floor.  If you have a large dog you could get a larger cup size muffin tin.  He is improving on the food aggression but far from over his testy attitude and demands.  He has it figured out in a short time that no food will come his way if he is acting out by jumping and barking.  He has to sit and be quiet.    I also thought I would change up where I feed them both rather than the same place as I am accustomed to.  So I've been moving Tucker's food around the kitchen so that he won't think that spot is his food spot.  Yes, he was even getting testy after feeding time if Stewie went near where he had been.  I also pick up doggie dishes as soon as they are done.  

Have a happy weekend to all of you!  It's Oscar weekend and we always have an Academy Award Party at our house. 


Sara said...

Glad to hear that Tucker is getting better! I'm sure that is a huge relief. Maybe tonight you'll be able to get some sleep?

What a brilliant idea using the muffin tin! We have used one of those in dog classes. They hide the treats by putting tennis ball on top of each muffin cup. The dogs have to figure out how to get to the food. But I never thought about using one to slow down a fast eater. Cool!

Bassetmomma said...

So glad to hear Tucker is better! Whew! It must have been a scare. I love that picture of Stewie sunning himself!

tubby3pug said...

So glad you are feeling better, the pictures are adorable too! Enjoy your oscar weekend

Bailey said...

So glad to hear he is better. What a wonderful idea. Katy has had an issue with eating her food too fast since she came from rescue and the muffin tins might be the answer.

Nola said...

So glad everything is back to normal!
Dachshund Nola

yuki and rocket said...

agh! cant believe i seemed to have missed the last post. well, i went back and read it anyhow and am glad he's doing better!!
I've been working on Rocket's food aggression since we first brought him home. His speed eating was easily dealt with since, we bought him one of those bowls you talk about. We got him the martha stewart one from petsmart and it's slowed him down sooo much. I've seen things at petsmart, where you use a regular bowl, but then theres a stainless steel ball you simply just place in the bowl.
Rocket is doing very well with his food aggression. At one time he couldnt even eat in the same room with yuki. they now can eat side by side. i still oversee things but he's overcome a lot.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

So good to hear the good report on Tucker. And we LOVE that pic of Stewie:)

We have one of those bowls for Lightning and we also use the stainless steel ball that Yuki and Rocket mention. They help but he still can't eat his food fast enough.

Have a great weekend.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Christine said...

Love the muffin tin idea! We will be trying that with Cleo!!

georgia little pea said...

What a scare! I must have missed the post about Tucker being sick from eating chocs. Although I've read and know about it, I've never actually met any dog that's been afffected. Poor baby. I guess he's little yet, so it didn't take much to bring him down. Thank goodness he's recovering.

That picture of Stewie is super sweet. Looks like he was doing a little salute to the sun stretch :)

Debbie said...

All our doggies eat togetherin a circle, just gotta watch that no one eats anybody else food. Our trainer suggested a toy that you put there kibble in and they have to work to get thee meal, she said to train our dogs that nothing in life is free. We use the toy just as a reward now.

tubby3pug said...

Thanks for complementing our jackets. They are from pug snuggly They are kind of pricey but they are really good jackets, very warn and fit pugs really well. They also make for other breeds too. We had some jackets in red paw print custom made for Norbert and Bob

Priscilla said...

What a brilliant idea of using the muffin tin! Eva is a super duper fast eater. She doesn't chew or bite, she just swallows. She could finish her meal within seconds, yes, SECONDS. Then we got her a bowl with division which we thought it could slow her down. Well, it slightly slowed her down a few more seconds. I'm going to try the muffin tin!

So glad to hear that everything goes well with Tucker. The boy is ready to run and jump and be naughty again.

Love the picture of Stewie too. So handsome.

Sam said...

When Sam was younger he scarfed his food down in about one bite - I put a very large (don't want it to be a size that can be swallowed) rock in his food dish and that worked wonders!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Poor baby. Hope you are all pooped out
Benny & Lily

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Good to hear Tucker is feeling better. Dear Stewie, we love your sun photo. You are such a sweetie pie.

Great idea about the muffin tin for feeding. We use one of the prong bowls for Stella but mainly because she has one cup of food and Rory has five so she always finished first. Now at least it makes her take her time.

She was very bossy with Rory towards food during the first three months together but now I can leave them alone and she doesn't bother Rory. Mind you, he gave her a growl once and that made her mind her manners. I also spent every meal keeping her away from his bowl (he was a slow eater) by blocking her with my body and telling her NO, LEAVE IT, in a loud voice.

Sounds like you are doing a great job with them to me. Bet in 12 months time there won't be any issue at all. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

Kolchak Puggle said...

Nice to meet you Pupparoos! We saw your blog over at I Want to be a Vet and we thought your blog name was too cute cute cute to pass up!

Kolchak is food gobbler too. The muffin tins are a great trick. Our favourite solution and the one he had most fun with was the Dogzilla 'Steggin Egg (usually found at WalMart) It's an egg shaped toy they have to bat at to knock their kibbles loose. It works really great, better than the "slow down" style bowls we tried for sure! Happy Sunday

Ellen said...

So happy to hear that Tucker is better. I know how scary that can be. Great idea about the muffin tins. I will remember that. Love the pictures of Stewey and Tucker today. Thanks for sharing.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Great idea about the muffin tin! Glad Tucker is feeling better!

Leslie said...

Glad to hear Tucker's feeling better. Sounds like rough going for the little for a while there. :(

And I concur with everyone else commenting - the muffin tin is a brilliant idea!