Monday, February 27, 2012

Academy Awards Pawty

Last night was our traditional Academy Awards Pawty.  It was Tucker's first time for this event and he was well behaved and of course dressed to the nines.  He loved all the extra TLC too.

Looking good Mr. Tucker!

Stewie on the sofa waiting for the guests to arrive.....

When does the pawty begin?

Our cocktails for the evening were Pina Colada's in honor of the movie the Descendants and Stewie found them so tasty (he is of age!).

Mmmmmmm good!

I agree Stewie!

 I think the poochies were hoping for the main entree of filet roast as they were drooling while they saw hubby BBQing.  When he went out they went out and I am sure some testing nibbling went on.

For dessert we had Chocolate Pie in honor of the movie The Help....minus that extra ingredient...hehehehe!

Friday, February 24, 2012

All better now

Look how Tucker's coat is coming in!

After the 24 hour "Chocolate Flu" Tucker A.K.A. Mr. Chips is almost normal.  Chocolate toxicity is not to ignore! 

He had a rather embarrassing issue with the runs (sounds and such that he never has experienced) but that was short lived thankfully and done all outside (thank goodness!).  He wanted to drink lots of water if given the chance, but I had to limit that.   Since he was given fluid under the skin I knew he was well hydrated.  

Feeding him at noon, as suggested by the Vet., seemed to stay down, but later in the day I tried to feed him a little cottage cheese and that didn't stay down at all.  Late in the evening I tried again with some white rice cooked in diluted chicken broth and he was able to keep that down.

He woke up once in the night with the runs but by mid morning on the next day he was ravenous for his doggie food and I let him eat a light meal to test his holding it down.  He was back to his normal dinner that evening.  He still wants to drink a lot of water so I feel he is still trying to flush his body of the toxins.  With all that water he needs to go out more too which has out in the middle of the night for a potty run. 

No more cookies Tucker!

Stewie catching some rays

On a different note.  Tucker when it comes to meals, has been less than polite.  Between the food aggression and his gulping down his food I have been quite busy trying to figure out the best strategy for handling him.  Yesterday I read this great tidbit that suggested using a muffin tin to put a dogs kibble in.  Brilliant!  Here I've been searching online for dog dishes that are for slowing a dog down with large plastic prongs that stick up so they have to eat around them to obtain their food.  I had been to our local pet supply but they did not carry them.  

The muffin tin works fantastic.  I have a 8 cup one that I spread his food in and it takes him quite some time to eat his meal now.  This wouldn't work for those poochies that don't have a snout or for big snout dogs but for Tucker and his size snout it is just the right size.  He sort of makes a mess at the start but he slows down and then cleans up any kibble that has fallen on the floor.  If you have a large dog you could get a larger cup size muffin tin.  He is improving on the food aggression but far from over his testy attitude and demands.  He has it figured out in a short time that no food will come his way if he is acting out by jumping and barking.  He has to sit and be quiet.    I also thought I would change up where I feed them both rather than the same place as I am accustomed to.  So I've been moving Tucker's food around the kitchen so that he won't think that spot is his food spot.  Yes, he was even getting testy after feeding time if Stewie went near where he had been.  I also pick up doggie dishes as soon as they are done.  

Have a happy weekend to all of you!  It's Oscar weekend and we always have an Academy Award Party at our house. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tucker A.K.A. Mr. Chips

Well we have had quite an early morning wake up.  Tucker started whining around 4 a.m. in his crate and dear hubby took him out (I seem to have slept through this).  He brought him back in and he apparently drank a lot of water then hubby put Tucker back in his crate.  Somewhere in the next half hour Tucker was back whining and barking, which is when I woke up and took him out.  This is when hubby said he had just been out not that long ago.  

Tucker walked around and seemed to be going poo then pee.  Okay what is up?  He was playing "catch me if you can" which is not a fun game at that unGodly hour.  I managed to swoop him up and put him in his crate.  The quiet didn't last long as Tucker kept yipping.  Hubby and I decided to just let him out of the crate, close the bedroom door, the closet door and the bathroom door.  Quiet.....sort of.

Last night we had gone to an Acoustic Guitar Performance in San Francisco.  Our son was wanting to go see this show and we all were looking forward to an evening out.  We decided to lock Tucker in the kitchen, placed the puppy wire pen around the kitchen chairs and table since he has chewed on them before and let him have the use of the doggie door to the deck.  That way if he really needed to go potty he would likely use the deck.  We thought we had covered all puppy proofing in the kitchen.  We left at 6:15 and got home around 11:45.  Tucker had done some mischief we could see.  He pulled down some papers and greeting cards near the puppy gate blocking the kitchen door.  Not all chewed up, more just spread around.  He certainly seemed himself and we all went to bed......

Luna kitty woke me up as I was hoping to catch up with some extra winks.  She wanted breakfast.  Hubby did an "oh by the way" that Tucker had gotten sick in front of his dog crate.  Okay.....I take the poochies out and see that Tucker's belly looks awful full.  Hhhhhmmmm.....Since he had been sick twice I decided to hold off on breakfast for the poochies.

Bringing them inside Tucker is clearly not himself.  He isn't even interested in eating which of late he has been the food aggressor.  Something is not right.  He goes and drinks and drinks and drinks.  I pull him away.  I start to make our son's lunch for school when Tucker lets out a barf of water and chunks!  What?!!  I rush him outside in case he is going to hurl again and go to do the clean up.  What is going on?

I look on the butcher block and notice the Chocolate Chip cookies I made the day before are gone.  The entire bag.  I check out on the deck and there I find the ziplock bag with a nice big hole chewed through it.  Yep...all gone.  I figure it is about 12 to 14 luscious cookies he has devoured.  Now my morning brain is waking up and I to check on him outside.  He looks sort of okay sort of not.  Big full belly.  He is walking around but not the perky Tucker we know.

I observe that he has hurled twice outside.  I bring him a small amount of water and start to think and get concerned.  I come back in and tell hubby I need to take Tucker in to the Emergency Vet.  In a blink I am dressed, hubby gets the crate in the car, Tucker gets placed in the crate and I am on the road.  

In seeing the Vet. we conclude he has had the cookies in his system long enough for it to be farther in his G.I.  His vitals are good and his heart rate is good.  They get concerned about the heart as it can speed up like they are on Red Bull with too much chocolate.  I didn't know that.  I was worried about bloat.  After a nice discussion the vet. suggests giving him fluids under the skin and watch him at home.  After noon time I can give him some water and a small amount of food, she suggested some scrambled egg for the protein as puppies need their protein.  If he gets sick again back off and let him rest longer with no food and small amounts of water.

Since we have been home he has been resting like a good patient though he keeps looking for the water bowl.  In fact he is sleeping next to where it normally is.  It's almost noon here and I'll see how he does with a bit of food.  Fingers crossed! nick name of Mr. for me!  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yes, I'm sitting

I haven't said much since we started Doggie school, how Tucker is doing.  Well....he has been doing very well....while treats are involved.

When we practice at home (our homework), he does great.  He even is doing the down pretty good.  That has been a hard one for him.  I kind of blame the teacher for this and here is why.  She wanted us to put them in a down and once they were down to give them a treat and then get them to pop up into a sit and doing a down again...and again...and again.  The poochies were popping up and down like Jack in the Boxes.  Here's the problem.  Tucker will go down and then want to pop up every time.  I'm having to bend over with a treat in front of him and telling him "down", "stay" which is great but I think she should not have had us rush to get them up after the down.  Did that make sense? 

Okay.  Sometimes he does a partial down and looks at me like "yeah, I'm down, no really, I'm down". 

 I tell him "down" and we try again.  There is a lot of practice to do when training a poochie.

Today I had both poochies out on the Iron Horse Trail which has a walkers, dogs and bikes on it but I had no treats.  During the week it isn't that busy but because today is so gosh darn pretty and pleasant, there were quite a few folks out sauntering along.  No treats!  Getting Tucker to heel was much saying "heel" then "good dog" repeat..repeat ...repeat.  I wondered if I should have just hooked him to his collar rather than the training collar (choke chain..I hate saying that) because he kept wanting to keep up with Stewie who...doesn't have heeling skills.  I know, I know...I didn't take Stewie to school and I didn't practice with him...I know.  Oh and Stewie has to mark, sniff, mark, sniff constantly (late neutering is what we figure via the fact he was a rescue pooch). 

Back to the walk....whenever I would stop Tucker wouldn't sit.  Okay..that was weird.  He ALWAYS sits when we practice.  What gives?  No treats = no sits?  Come on Tucker.  

I would say "Tucker sit" (because he was ignoring me).

He would look up at me like "what did you say?  " many good smells and I don't think I heard you....".  

Then I would have to tell him "sit" and push his hinny down like ages and ages ago.  Then I would praise him.

All in all as for a practice on this walk it didn't go so well.  However he did do good "leave it" when people, bikes and even other dogs went by.

Maybe because it was so gosh darn pretty outside he wanted to play hooky from homework...make sure to have treats in the pocket in the future (note to myself).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mischief

Who did this?

Oh who is acting all innocent?


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pupparoos! was Tagged!

Stewie, my Annie girl and myself ~ 1 year ago

Oh I am so tardy and I do apologize for this.  Over at Urban Hounds they tagged us and I will do my best to answer the questions....hehehehe!

1)  Describe yourself in 7 words.

     Ellen:  Mommy, Poochie lover, daydreamer, book lover, music lover, traveler, writer

     Stewie:  sweet, steadfast, cuddler, licker, shy, barker, sunworshiper

     Tucker:  playful, licker, jumper, silly, prancer, foodie, watchful

2)  What keeps you up at night?

     Ellen:  Worrying about the elder parents, worrying about jobs for my hubby, worrying about my kids and trying not to worry.

     Stewie:  Noises in the night

     Tucker:  Ditto on the noises in the night

3)  Who would you like to be?

     Ellen:  I love being me...just not getting frail.

     Stewie:  One of those brave dogs you see on Animal Planet shows that rescue people

     Tucker:  I'm trying to figure out who I am still.

4)  What are you wearing right now?

     Ellen:  A pair of Lucky Brand jeans, a peach colored cami and a brown sweater

     Stewie:  My best black coat and white spotted shirt and one little white spotted sock

     Tucker:  My big furry coat that is growing in so thick

5)  What scares you?

     Ellen:  Time passing to quickly

     Stewie:  Loud male voices, getting my nails clipped

     Tucker:  Not much

6)  The best and worst of blogging:

     Ellen:  The joy of writing!  Not having enough time to read all the new posts of bloggers I have made friends with.

     Stewie:  Mom saying how special I am.  Mom saying or showing something embarrassing about me.

     Tucker:  Having some good chewing time while Mom writes.  The silly photos she takes of me.

7)  The last Website I visited

      Urban Hounds to see what I needed to do when you are tagged

8)  What is one thing you would change about yourself

     Ellen:  To try and remember how lucky and blessed I am.  I try to look at life with the glass half full but sometimes I forget....

9)  Slankets

     Ellen:  Hhhhmmmm.....I think this must be a blanket that is oversized and quite cuddly...yes for Slankets!

     Stewie:  Yes with Mom because I love nothing better than to cuddle next to her!

     Tucker:   Is it something I can eat?

We are tagging.......

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3)  The Chronicles of Cardigan

4)  The Emptynesters Family Daily

5)  When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Vet

6)  Stella & Rory from Down Under

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Some days.....

Some days are for laying upside can see the world in a whole new way!

Some days are for waiting your turn for that spot in the sun....

The best days are when you have a buddy to play with......  What will your day be today?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unexpected guests

What an evening we had!  Dear hubby found two enormous poochies in our driveway last night.  One was a Yellow Labrador and the other a Black Labrador.  Did I say they were ENORMOUS?  

Both of them had on the collars used for invisible fencing and they clearly broke through that shock treatment.  Unfortunately they didn't have any I.D. tag on those collars.  They were as sweet as could be but what to do?

We put them in our backyard where I thought surely being a Lab they would jump in our pool, thankfully they didn't as it was a cold evening and our pool is just as cold. 

We couldn't think of anyone in our neighborhood who had dogs like this.  We tried to think of any we might have passed on walks but in all honesty these both weren't really trained and when I put the leashes on them they didn't walk with me.  Seriously if they had wanted to go a different direction or if they had run I would have to keep up or get dragged!  

I decided to take the first drive and go to the neighbors to see if they were familiar with them.  We don't live in a typical neighborhood.  All of us are on about 2 acres of hilly land though we are near town.  These poochies both showed up after dark and we have no street lights or sidewalks.  Just open road and we also live on a dead end street.  They weren't dirty or were thin so I knew they hadn't been out for long.  

On my shift I couldn't find anyone who knew of the dogs.  Dear hubby was hitting the phone and striking out as well.  When I came back he went out and struck gold!  These two poochies came from a neighborhood that is off the County Trail that is at the end of our street.  There home is quite a ways from here but they have come this way several times and three of our neighbors near the end of the street closest to the trail knew them and thankfully the owner.  Hubby got the phone number and called the owner.  The saga of the two big Labs "on the lam" ended.

All poochie owners with invisible fencing....please put I.D.'s on your pups as if they do get away without I.D. it is hard to help find their home.  I don't think I feel that that type of "fencing" works.  If the battery fails or if for some reason they do go "through" they often won't go back because of the "shock" of crossing onto the property.  Put a real fence up instead.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My funny Valentines

My funny valentine, sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable, un-photographable
Yet, you're my favorite work of art

Don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay, little valentine, stay
Each day is Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Recheck and a walkie!

Satellite channeling Tucker?

Tucker had a recheck for his rear dewclaw removal to see how it was doing.  The Dr. said it was looking good but he wants Tucker to keep the bandage on till Friday.  I asked if it was okay to take Tucker out on a short walk and he said yes!  Yippeee!  Maybe we can burn a little energy off and let him stretch his legs too. 

He gets so much attention at the vet's office.  The one guy vet tech. always swoops him up and gives him a big hug.  He was telling me he wasn't working the day of Tucker's surgery and wished he had been there to take care of him.  The girl tech. today was quite nice too and is a wealth of advice when I ask her questions.

I found out that testosterone levels could take from 2 to 3 months to level off.  That is a long time!  Hopefully the aggression over the food will pass sooner.  I think it took about 5 minutes for Tucker to sit quiet for him to get his breakfast.  I had him tethered so he wouldn't be hopping up and down behind me like he is prone to do.  I really want to see this through, this obnoxious behavior is not the way to be fed.  He sat on the large dog bed that is in the kitchen for now, staring at me and making whiny under his breath sounds every once in awhile.  Then he would bark and jump and I would close the pantry door where we keep the dog food.  I put dishes away and then I would try again.  Stewie was outside the kitchen area behind the doggie gate wondering why it was taking so long for his breakfast.  He was standing on his hind legs peering in and making a sweet face like he was saying, "please mommy, give me my breakfast...I'm being a good boy!".   Well this scenario went on as I said for awhile till Tucker was quiet long enough for me to fill the cup with his food and pour it in his bowl.  Stewie's bowl was done and waiting.  Kitties were fed...just Tucker.  Then at last he sat quiet and waiting like a good boy.  I released the tether but the leash on and asked him to be easy.  He didn't chomp down like a starving pup but ate slowly....yes! 

                                              *****     *****     *****     *****
Well, we had our walk and did some poochie training since he hasn't had any real heeling practice since the surgery.  Hopefully his incision from the neutering will be fine and I will check it after he is through napping.  The vet. tech. said if it was swollen or red then to back off on the walking.  In less than a couple of minutes after we came back from the vet. Tucker had managed to peel some of the bandage on his foot, so one of our errands before our walk was to pick up some more bandage.  I guess I need to keep an eagle eye out on him or keep the dreaded cone on.  He'd been so good with the first bandage following surgery too. 

Thank you all for your kind comments and advice too!  I really appreciate the input!!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's no fun having to be quiet

Tucker is unhappy because he isn't allowed to run, jump, or rough house while he is recuperating.  He is laying next to me with the leash on and at least he is not having to wear the cone for awhile.  He slept soundly without a peep last night while wearing it, which I think means he is submitting to having to wear it for the time being.  

Now this surprised us, last night while watching some TV he started humping on the cat bed he likes to play with.  The kitties rarely use it but Tucker has had more fun with that cat bed, tossing it up, shaking it, and when he was a little guy he could even fit in it.  Hard to believe....but humping?  He hadn't done any humping prior to the neutering and afterwards it just happened.  

Also he has been really testy or nasty at feeding time with Stewie.  Twice yesterday I had to intervene at the end of meal time as Tucker did not want Stewie anywhere near either bowl even though they were both done.  I had never seen Tucker so snippy and having never had a poochie do this it did make me upset.  This morning I fed Stewie outside the kitchen area where I normally feed the poochies which is also beyond the puppy gate.  All went well this way.  Why would Tucker be so snippy now?  It made hubby and I wonder if we waited too long to have neutered Tucker.  Now even when I have fed the poochies before, I never put their bowls near each other.  I always make them sit / stay / don't touch, till I tell them "take it" before they can eat and sometimes one or the other jumps the gun and I stop them, pick up the bowl and begin again with the sit / stay / don't touch.  This seems to be a new feeding issue and I want to nip this now.  I can only assume that Tucker is attempting to be the higher ranking of the two poochies and Stewie in the past with our other dogs Annie and Jesse knew this.  He was always the submissive poochie.  

All the poochies we have had were not that aggressive when it came to food.  I'm giving Tucker a little break as he seems really bent out of shape of not being able to go for a walk or a good play time.  I think he thinks he is being punished.

The days leading up to his neutering he had started peeing more in the house and oh I was surprised.  He had been doing so well.  Now we have to take a few steps back and do the tethering with me to keep an eye on him.  On top of all the surgery stuff we also found out he had tapeworm!  I have no idea how that happened considering all the multiple fecal samples we had to do before because of the Giardia he had.  Seems that the Vet Tech saw them when she was prepping for his surgery.  I hadn't noticed any in his poop prior.  He hasn't had fleas so how the heck did he get tapeworm?  He got a shot for that, a one time treatment.  He had been scooting his tushie more recently  but we did joke about it and thought maybe it was his anal glands needing to be expressed.  I feel bad that I didn't realize that he had tapeworms!   This may explain why he has been so ravenous with his food and why his coat has been sort of dull.  

Never a dull moment with poochies....even when they are bored because they can't go for a walk or might be a long day for Tucker.....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The patient is doing very well

Tucker is doing very well and thank you to all of you for your kind comments yesterday.

Tucker is having to wear the dreaded "cone" to keep him from chewing and licking his surgery site as well as the bandage from where his rear dew claw was removed.  When I first put on the cone he really acted like he was going to freak out but he calmed down with a quizzical expression (must have been the drugs still in his system) and accepted it.  They had gauze around the base to tighten it around his neck but my daughter suggested a collar instead and that has worked wonderfully!  When I need to take him out I just hook the leash to the collar and out the door we can go cone and all.

He keeps banging into the walls, doors, cabinets and our legs and Stewie is less than interested in getting too close to that cone.  Tucker all day has wanted to be perky but we are encouraging calmness.  He is being a very good patient and I am very proud of how he is resting. He has gone through one 5 inch pressed bone this morning when I let him have a break from the cone.  About a couple of weeks ago it could take days before a bone would be gone when he had the puppy teeth!  He would get tired on knawing on them but now his grown up teeth are strong and so white! 

It was such a pretty day today that I have kept the sliding glass door on the kitchen deck wide open so he could go in and out without the doggie door.  He and Stewie had some quality sunbathing time out there together.

We rigged up his puppy pen into a small square and put his bed inside since there was not going to be a comfortable night's sleep in his crate wearing the cone.  I only heard him around 4 a.m. where he was clunking the cone around the pen till he settled down.  Hope tonight he sleeps just as well and maybe better ...for all of us.  Saturday we go for a recheck and maybe have the bandage removed from the hind foot.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tucker's big day

He had no idea what was happening today....

This is the day that Tucker is getting neutered.  We had hoped we could wait till he was at least 7 months but in recent weeks there has been some raised lips with him towards Stewie.  Mostly over food but sometimes when in play together.  The play is when the red flag went up and signaled that we needed to nip this quick.  It was one thing when Stewie was raising the lip to Tucker but to see Tucker go back at Stewie was not too pretty.  Certainly it was Tucker trying to show he too was "the man".  They never got into it with each other but day by day the potential was there.

Sweet Mr. Tucker was clearly confused with no breakfast this morning.  He came bounding out with Stewie to the kitchen doing his little dance and trying to tell me to hurry up that he was hungry.  What do I do but only let them outside and bring them back to the bedroom.  Stewie wasn't any to pleased either but he has more patience.  They both went to playing and jumping around the bedroom hoping to annoy us I guess and get them some breakfast to quiet them down.  The kitties weren't to pleased as all the rambunctious behavior was disturbing their beauty sleep.  

I hopped into the shower where Tucker was licking at the water that accumulated on the edge at the sliding doors.  He was allowed water for one more hour and he would drink this but not out of the water bowl in the kitchen.  The kitchen meant only one thing this!  He continued to follow me around closely, making sure he wasn't going to miss out on his breakfast.  

Once at the office for check-in I asked if we could weigh him and see what he was at now.  He weighed 19 pounds and 2 ounces which really surprised me!   The last weigh in he was 15 pounds 9 ounces on January 19, four weeks ago which is almost a pound a week.  I keep wondering how long he will keep growing in height and weight.  At this point he weighs as much as Jesse did when he was full grown but he seems taller.

Stewie was thrilled when he finally got his breakfast as well as the kitties.  It is very quiet here.....  I haven't had much time for writing as my daughter and her fiance are visiting us before they head back to the East Coast  :(   ,  They have been living in Seattle for the past year and now are headed back to Cape Cod and New Hampshire where his family live.  It's a big year as they get married in October!  

Leela and Luna enjoying a quiet kitty nap....

It's going to be a long day till Tucker comes home....

School has been going really well for Tucker and I.  He doesn't really like the "Downs" and certainly doesn't like to stay in that position so we will be working harder on that once he is feeling up to school practice.  Looking into the next class after this and now I am thinking of changing programs with someone else.  I'm not really 100% happy where we are. 

I miss Tucker.....

I'll let you know how Mr. Tucker is doing and getting back into blogging as well as reading all of your blogs towards the end of the week.  Miss you all!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Good morning Stewie

Stewie is a burrower.  He has to be wrapped up snug-as-a-bug in a blankie.  Since Tucker's arrival the main doggie bed in our kitchen had to be moved to make way for the puppy pen and this was not ideal for Stewie.  The bed in the kitchen was a big bed so that Annie and Stewie could both lay there together and keep and eye on me while I cooked and while we ate dinner.  The kitchen has a tile floor and Stewie does not like cold floors so most times now Stewie is back in his crate in our bedroom where he has all the comforts he loves but he is not with me :(  .  

It won't be long because Tucker may get the run of the kitchen (he is being really good!) and I can bring back the big dog bed.  I keep a blankie on it just so Stewie can do his maneuver of winding himself up like a cinnamon roll.  Hopefully Tucker learns quickly to not step on him while he is wrapped up because that could be a problem with the way Tucker hops up and down sometimes.

Tucker still tries to sleep in what we have called Stewie's bed, and of course has added a hole from his chomping on it when he tosses it about.  Tucker is much too big for it and I don't know why he has a thing for that bed over his bed, except maybe because it is the puppy pen which he does get locked in when I leave the house.  I leave the pen open when I am at home and oddly Stewie likes that bed!  Poochies can be so weird about where they sleep.

Occasionally Tucker even tries out Stewie's crate which is way to small for him.  At least a quarter of his long body hangs out but he has to sniff it out.  If Stewie is in there Tucker beware because some growling goes on of telling him to "back off!".  I have even found Stewie inside Tucker's crate checking it out.  I think he likes the pad or maybe the view is different.

Does your pupparoo have a favorite way and place to sleep?  How many pupparoo beds do you have?  Let me count how many we have.....2 crates and 5 dog beds around the house.