Thursday, January 12, 2012

School daze

Well we made it, just barely because as soon as I was in the car I realized I had hardly any gas.  So zoom we go to the gas station then finally we are on our way.  I haven't been to this Dog School in 10 years.  Last Pupperoo to go there was Annie.

Thankfully I have a map (just in case) to guide me there.  Trying to find the location at night takes a watchful eye.  In the end, finding it was pretty easy and there is thankfully ample parking.  Once inside we give our current shot record and walk into the training room.  Low and behold it is the same teacher I had with Annie!  She even looks the same.  We, with Tucker jumping with glee, find a place to sit.  Unlike puppy school where it is all about socializing, we are here to learn manners and Obedience 101.  First lesson is to keep your poochie from nosing with the neighbor. 

I rub Tucker's inside of his ears which always calms him.  It holds him for a short time but the poochie in front of us begins barking and whining which means Tucker has to park back.  There is a lovely Golden to our left, the same color as Annie.  I melt a little looking at her thinking how much I miss our girl.  She is with her mom and a young boy of maybe 11.  I look around while we are waiting for everyone to arrive and take a few mental notes of our class.

On our right is a huge dog who sort of looks like a lab crossed with an Australian Ridgeback minus the ridgeback mark down its back.  Farther down from our left past the Golden is an English Bulldog.  The front row I can't see as well from my seat.  I see a German Shepard, a Lab and another poochie I can't see very well, then an adorable fluffy puff that I am not sure of, a Irish Setter and the poochie that had been barking who seems to be a black lab mix.  Soon to enter just as class begins is two dogs but I can't see but the one who is a white boxer with some brown around his eye and part of his face like a petite mask.

Our teacher, Loretta, begins with a welcome and the intro of what we are to learn.  Then the example by bringing her well trained Border Collie front and center to demonstrate.  We aren't to worry about the collars tonight but do some simple sits, stays and comes with treats.  I had brought two training (what they use to call choke chains) collars and two 6 foot leads as one is narrow and one is standard width.  I have been using the standard width with Tucker but I know in the past with our Sheltie poochies that I have used the narrow width one.  I don't know if the training collars I have are the right length so I wanted them to tell me if one is right or not.  I have Tucker in his harness and I decide to use the narrow lead.  

Tucker has really been behaving himself all this time, even sitting and listening.  He only gets excited when the black lab mix gets to barking.  On the floor are three squares of walking lanes.  We are in the center and now Tucker gets really excited.  He does his pogo stick moves to show how high he can jump and I ask him to sit.  He does...good boy.  I feel for the fluffy puff pup who I find out is 5 months old just like Tucker.  We are the babies of the class.  Most all of the class is at least 9 months to a year old.  The English Bulldog is repeating the class.  

Aside from Tucker always thinking one is to complete all forward motions as in "come" and "heel" with a pogo stick jump ending, he does well.  Especially since I don't have a collar on him.  I should have put the training collar on anyway but when she implied we would do that next week or if we got one during the week prior to the next class, that it was okay. 

The lady with the Irish Setter has her hands full.  He is nine months old and is more than a handful for her.  Did I mention that she seems to be in her early 70's?  The match of owner to pet seems quite wrong.  He is a true clown and enjoying himself thoroughly.  Loretta gets a prong training collar on him but only after he has had a chance to try and make this a game by rolling around on the floor and using his long legs to push her off.  It was actually quite a comical scene.....Once in the collar, with very little effort, it's like a light switch was turned on.  Bingo!  He does what is asked with an overgrown puppy style.  

Before we knew it class was over.  I went to one of the helpers with my training collars to ask which one seemed the right length for Tucker.  She felt both were too long.  Darn.  I thought for sure that one would be right.  I'll be back to the pet store, my "go to" store these days.  

All in all, Tucker did well.  I will change my treats as the ones I brought kept crumbling.  This distracted him because he wanted to lick all the crumbs up.  Do any of you have a favorite training treat you use?  I remembered that I have used tiny cut up pieces of Hot Dogs for some poochie.   That went over REALLY well.  Then I have used freeze dried liver treats that were good too.  

Now we have homework so that we can show how much we learned before the next class.


GRAÇA said...

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brudy1120 said...

So glad you had a good class. I have my "star puppy" and my CGC award. Mommy and I did all sorts of classes together. It was a lot of fun!

Doggy Kisses,

Sara said...

What fun! I love puppy classes.

I use string cheese cut up for Oreo. Chewy's not into cheese, but he loves zukes mini's. They are perfect size for training.

Shea, Lola and Tucker said...

That sounds like a fun class and I think you enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Meeka said...

Do I remember those puppy classes.
You can try natural balance dog food rolls. You can cut them up and they don't crumble. It comes in turkey, beef and lamb flavors.