Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pawsome Blogger Award!

A couple of days ago Nola from Dachshund Nola awarded Pupparoos! with the Pawsome Blogger Award.  Whew...lots of awards flying around and I feel very touched by all the pet lovers out there.  What a huge welcome I have felt ever since I started Pupparoos! too.  Every day I look forward to reading about my new blogger friends and looking at their incredible photos.  Now I don't know much about this award but here is what I gather I am to do...seems pretty simple.

In order to accept this award, I must pass it along to 8 blogs that bring me fun, love, laughs and furiendship.
I give this award to:
1) The Chronicles of Cardigan
2) Stella and Rory from Down Under
3) Just me, Meeka
4) Lassiter Chase and Benjamin the Sheltie
5) Finn Howard
6) Sara's Blog
7) Eva the Sheltie
8) Four Legged Views

Congrats to you each!!!!


Coco - The Princess said...

Hi Stewie's mommy! My mommy gets most of our sweaters from
they seem to be redoing their web site so nothing is listed at the moment. but their prices are GREAT. How big is Stewie? my girls weigh 8 pounds, 7 pounds (overweight by 2 pounds) and 5 pounds

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hi Stewie and Tucker (and your mum), thanks so much for our award. We hope blogging is all about fun, laughs, love and friendship cause that is what makes it so terrific. We have a ball reading about everyone's adventures all around the world. Yay. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Berts Blog said...

WE just saw that you gave us the Pawsome Blogger award. It is so nice of you to think of us and we don't know if it is legal but we would pass it right back to you if you hadn;t given it to us first.

We really like your blog and are so happy we found it.

Thanks you cuties.

Bert and My Vickie

Priscilla said...

Thank you so much for passing us the award , Ellen! We always enjoy reading your blog, it is fun to read everything about Stewie and Tucker and both of them are so cute and adorable.

It's lovely to have met you in this blogville too!

Finn said...

Congratulations and thank you!!!

Sara said...

That you so much!

I love your blog too! Tucker is adorable and Stewie, well I love him! He has such a great face.

Shea, Lola and Tucker said...

Congrat's on your award!

Elizabeth said...

Firstly, congratulations to YOU - those are some honorable criteria. And I'm really touched that you included me here - 'tis the reason I blog at all - for the fun, love, laughs and furiendship. :)

Sammie and Avalon said...

Congrats on your pawsome blogger award! And so nice to meet you! Thanks for coming over to visit - we hope you have a wonderful weekend full of fun!
Sammie and Avalon

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Thank you so much. We love reading your blog too. We wish Mommy had more time, seems like we are always reading things a day or week late. Sorry got to cut this message short -- Mommy's niece is sleeping over tonight and is throwing a purple hippo stuffy at us to hurry up and finish reading blogs for the night.

Meeka said...

Thanks you so much for passing the award to me. I'm honored to be one of the recipients.