Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Something to warm your heart today.

We all just need to be loved....watch this amazing story of Edie...and have some tissue handy. 

Watch Christian Videos and Read the Online Bible at GodVine.com

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Tag for Stewie!

Stewie's new name tag just arrived by Doggone Tags and it is just as perfect as can be!  I had first heard about this via Dog blogging with Luna when she wrote about the custom tag she had made for Luna and Penny.  I didn't do a custom tag but I am very pleased with the one I picked for Stewie.  Next I will have one done for Tucker.

What do you think?   Do check out Melissa's work as she has many styles and sizes as well.  You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

We're back!

 Trouble, trouble or fun, fun....

We're back after having a nasty tummy bug that still has not fully left.  When the appetite comes back I know I am cured!

Tucker has found new fun games while we were ill.  Ah yes, nothing like discovering the toilet paper roll.  How amazing to see it not only can be chewed and torn but if you pull, it comes and follows you.   Yes, now we have to keep all the bathroom doors closed because not only was the toilet paper fun but getting stuff out of the bathroom trash was pretty darn fun too.  I figure it was pay back for the lack of play time.

I feel like we have a toddler running around trying to find something to get into.  Slippers, shoes, paper from inside an open shoe box, and laundry left on the floor all to be picked up and taken to play chase with or to hide under the bed awaiting our begging to come out and bring us back our socks or underwear.  Closets must be kept shut.  Actually I am beginning to feel like all the doors have to be shut if we aren't keeping a close eye on him.

I'm trying to give him chances to check out his home and give him some lessons on when he needs to go out to let us know.  Sort of hit and miss really.  I end up taking him out every so often (1/2 hour to 1 hour) unless he and Stewie have been in some big rough and tumble chase game.

He has been testing the kitties tolerance level of how far he can annoy them.  Lots of hissing and spitting going on but he is being good and not getting his nose to close.  He has annoyed me by deciding their cardboard scratching thing-a-ma-jig on the floor is great to chomp on.  Not good.  I have to pick it up or he high tails it under the bed (we have high beds).  

School practice hasn't happened to much this week.  We got some time in yesterday and he did pretty well.  Lots of new stuff was learned this last week and I don't want to forget what she taught us so that I can practice with Tucker.  

Tucker's "comes" have gotten rather sloppy.  Is it teen stuff or why is he ignoring me unless he knows I have a treat?  Where did the little pup go that would come running when I called him and gave a hand signal?  Now he stares at me like he is saying "what....oh you want me to come?  aaaaa....I'm sitting here till it is worth it dude".    Arrrgghhhhh!!!!!!   Do I go back to always giving treats for every "come'?  With his school that is also his weak spot.  He hesitates and is distracted by the other classmates.  He comes but I think it is more because of the food.  He sits farther away than he should and I have to swish the treat with another come to sit closer.  Maybe I haven't done enough treats?

And Stewie....he left me an unwelcome gift on the family room carpet today....hhhmmmm.....what is up guys?  Yes, life at our house this week has been interesting.  I got to say, picking up an unrolled roll of toilet paper when your sick is not fun.....but I'd rather that than poop or pee on the floor.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Under the weather

I've been under the weather these couple of days so no writing, sharing or photos.  Tucker and Stewie are doing a pretty good job of being good pups while hubby and I get better...

See you soon.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tucker says "I'm sorry..."

This past week was a regression week for Tucker.  He had been doing so well with the house training but then it was the "Two steps forward and one step back" dance that kept happening.

I can blame it on the rain or my husband.  For the first time since early November it rained.  It seems like every time rain happens so do the indoor accidents.  That goes for Stewie too, although he hasn't as yet and hopefully won't.  Who wants to go out in the rain and poop?  A pee is quick but a Sheltie has to do the "Sheltie walk" (anyone who has had a Sheltie knows this walk).  This procedure is carefully done to make clean-up a "Wheres Waldo?" task as a Sheltie walks along depositing their little tootsie rolls.  It really is like landmines in the yard when you have to do the pick up!  

Not all the accidents have been poops, actually most have been pee.  Timing is the culprit.  Dear hubby has been around more and helping by taking out the poochie.  He gets Tucker outside but I don't feel he has him out long enough.  I think Tucker sees hubby as the play guy so he just wants to romp rather than do the deed.  The other problem is the playing inside.  Dear hubby gets to playing and romping with Tucker and forgets that like the puppy he is, he will need to pee with all that fun.  Yep, right there in the house.  Hubby figures he can hold it longer because Tucker is older even when they play.  So peepee on the carpet again!  

Also Tucker is playing games with the "come" command.  He won't come in when called by dear hubby.  Instead he runs around inviting a game of "chase".   Well with the rain "chase" is not fun so hubby stands there calling him and Tucker continues to say "ne-ner-ne-ner can't get me"!  I gently prompt husband to use the leash and take him out front.  Don't let him play this game unless you intend this to be a game.   

Practice for doggie school has been indoors and thankfully we have long halls.  Stewie sometimes follows along because he wants a treat too.  A bit distracting for all but we get it in.  Wish there was an indoor doggie gym area we could go to.  Wouldn't that be great to offer for the winter months?  I would gladly pay for some indoor time and I bet many others would too!  I wonder if some larger doggie day cares offer this?  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meet Agador

We have had a house guest this week.  Meet Agador, my daughter's kitty, my Grandkittyson.  He's quite the character with his quirky ways.  

Agadorable (as I like to call him) is a Devon Rex.  His coat doesn't shed like most kitties.  It is so very soft like Chenille, with a wavy look to it and he really has no whiskers to speak of (part of the breed look).  When she first got him he virtually had no hair and looked a bit like Yoda with his big ears and wise looking face.  Eventually his hair came in which is handsome ginger and white color.  A very playful, mischievious fellow.

Tucker and he seem to get along just fine but my kitties Luna and Leela have a different opinion.  For the first time Leela asserted herself to him and that is something because she usually just hides and hopes for the best.  Poor Leela with her crossed eyes.  Tucker follows him around and tries to sniff but Agador plays it cool and gives him dirty looks if the Tucker snout gets too close.  

He gets cold easily with his very short coat and likes to sleep as close as he can to you.  His body is ultra warm so I happen to have no problem having him sleep curled up to my belly.  Last night I had Luna under the covers to my right and Agador between my hubby and I.  Eventually Luna left and Agador took her spot.  Agador wakes up very early.  Too early.  When he wakes up "FEED ME" is all he thinks about.  He climbs all over our heads, our bodies, the bed attempting to annoy us (me) as much as possible so that one of us (me) will get up and give him what he wants.  Oh Agador.....

So who is Agador named for?  Remember the movie "The Birdcage" with Robin Williams, Nathan Lane and Gene Hackman?  Yep....Agador Spartacus!  Here maybe this will help.....

Oh yes...we love Agador we really do.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A bit of this an a bit of that

What a difference a month makes for a puppy.  Tucker is growing up!  We decided to give Tucker his privilege back of using the doggie door to the upper kitchen deck.  Awhile back he lost it as he was using the deck to go potty on.  Knock on wood he has been good as gold!  He loves to run through the door to check out the deer he can keep an eye on below, watch Luna as she does her sunbathing, get his own sunbathing in and just have more room to play in when he is in the kitchen area where his puppy pen is.  

Next we have been letting him have more freedom in the house after he has gone potty outside.  This makes him feel like a true member of the family when he can follow us around or check out the rest of the house he hasn't gotten to know.  I think the room he is enjoying the most is the living room.  In the morning we have a lot of sunshine in the room and it is fun to run around with Stewie when they play.  Then there is the job of keeping an eye out on Luna who comes in there too.  

Tucker is learning much about kitties.  He wants to do what his instincts tell him but Luna is wise and knows about dogs.  She never runs from him.  I think that she is trying to like him as long as he doesn't put his snot in her face too much.  Sometimes she does swat at him and he quickly has figured out that you don't want to get Luna mad.  It hurts!

I think that best of all is that Stewie and Tucker are bonding well.  Having the house to play in has made the difference.  This morning I watched them in my bedroom as they "horsed" around.  Tucker was romping like a horse, rearing up, bowing down and Stewie and he sometimes looked like they were doing a dance.  So sweet to watch!  You can't always take a photo but for me I did a memory one.  I thought of how many romps just like this that I saw Annie and Stewie do.  So to see that happy poochie playtime for Tucker and Stewie filled me with happiness.  I laughed and that felt good.  So often I have sat in our bedroom where our Annie died and missed her deeply.  You never can replace someone you have loved dearly but you can fill the void with new friendships.  I guess what I am saying is Tucker has begun to worm his way into Stewie's loss of his old buddy and we all have some new sunshine in our home because of Tucker.

Then we had that vet. visit last week for his last shot for LeptospirosisDid I mention he weighs 15 pounds and 9 ounces?  Well I was surprised and it did make me wonder how big this guy will get.  After all we are not even 6 months old and we still will be growing.  I tried to measure his height as best I could but I don't know if I did it very well.  By my measurement he is about 15+ inches.  Oversize Sheltie for sure.  

Right now he is laying down on the doggie pad next to me slumbering away.  He has done his kitty job of keeping an eye on them.  He has played with Stewie, he has followed me around when I was doing some folding and now he is my companion as I type.  Not bad for a Tuesday morning. 

So I leave you with this playtime the Pupparoos! had....there was this....

and this......

and lastly this silly one.....

What a crazy play time they had....has Tucker been watching vampire movies?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spaw day....

Mr. Tuckaroo went to the "Spaw" on Friday.   He was exhausted and sleepy after his big day.

Remember those boots?  Gone.  He looks like a big boy now!  Feet trimmed between his pads, nails done, itty bitty bow on his collar, even his ears trimmed just a bit.  He was kind of grumpy too.  I think that goes along with being tired.

I was given a super duper recommendation from my Vet's office of the place next door that recently opened.  They are a no cage groomer with a doggie day care to boot.  After our visit this week I walked next door with Tucker and we took a walk through of the place.  Oh my....it was really different than where I have taken our poochies before!  Also closer.....

To walk inside is sort of like visiting a tropical resort.  On the windows on the top and bottom they have hula skirts lined up for the curtains.  Inside the soft scent of tropical candles burn and the wall color as well as the floor is a soft blue.  A gated entry to a larger open space with the reception area straight ahead and to the left a large harvest table with to purchase doggie treats as well as a free doggie treat container and the scented candles.  Mmmmmm.....music...yes music.  Softly floating in the air tropical tunes.   There is another gated area beyond the table where a nice size play area is for the little poochies to romp around.  Then to right of the reception area leads to a grooming area where Michelle the owner can look out a large picture window back into the main reception room.  She is jovial and obviously a animal lover.  Her poochie and a few others lie on plump beds as comfy and content as can be.   Another separate room with a large window is the bathing room, which is the only room that has any crates for those poochies waiting for a bath.  Two poochies are in there.  One being bathed and one being attended to on a grooming table.  All is calm.  A little farther on is a much larger space for the big poochies to play in.  The day we took our tour there were about five big pups having a grand ole time being tossed a tennis ball with one of those lobbers as I call them.  

Back to Tucker's Spaw day.  We were greeted warmly by the receptionist and filled out the info card.  I brought Tucker over to the small dog play area and the attendant let him in with a posse of pups.  He looked like the new kid in class and seemed a big disoriented at first.  Before you could count to 5 he was sniffing and being sniffed off to explore and play.  Didn't even look back to me.

That afternoon when I picked him up he was in with the small poochie play area awaiting my arrival.  He looked so handsome!  His paw hair clipped on top and between the pads, nails trimmed, and a wee bit of trimming on his ears plus a fluffy clean coat.  He was happy but I knew he had to be hungry as he missed his noon feeding.  He was calm as I paid the bill and sat on the back seat very quiet.  Once home after a quick relief on the lawn I fed both pups.  Contentment for the tummy.

He was a bit grumpy as I said.  Kind of like when your child goes to the first day of school and they come home not able to think clearly.  He didn't want to play with Stewie and there was a little snip of some grumbles from both when I was giving some TLC.  Jealousy?  I quickly put Tucker in his puppy pen where he promptly fell to sleep.   I would imagine it was a stressful day.  He hasn't been in this kind of experience before and she had said he didn't want to have much done with his feet.  I know that every time he goes he will get better and that will make it easier for me to do in the long run.  Another lesson for Tucker today.

Needless to say we did not practice our lessons from school as he was gone for 5 hours and I was busy earlier as our son got his braces off his teeth today! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Forever dog....yes.

A friend of mine on facebook had posted this....I thought I would share as well. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pawsome Blogger Award!

A couple of days ago Nola from Dachshund Nola awarded Pupparoos! with the Pawsome Blogger Award.  Whew...lots of awards flying around and I feel very touched by all the pet lovers out there.  What a huge welcome I have felt ever since I started Pupparoos! too.  Every day I look forward to reading about my new blogger friends and looking at their incredible photos.  Now I don't know much about this award but here is what I gather I am to do...seems pretty simple.

In order to accept this award, I must pass it along to 8 blogs that bring me fun, love, laughs and furiendship.
I give this award to:
1) The Chronicles of Cardigan
2) Stella and Rory from Down Under
3) Just me, Meeka
4) Lassiter Chase and Benjamin the Sheltie
5) Finn Howard
6) Sara's Blog
7) Eva the Sheltie
8) Four Legged Views

Congrats to you each!!!!

School daze

Well we made it, just barely because as soon as I was in the car I realized I had hardly any gas.  So zoom we go to the gas station then finally we are on our way.  I haven't been to this Dog School in 10 years.  Last Pupperoo to go there was Annie.

Thankfully I have a map (just in case) to guide me there.  Trying to find the location at night takes a watchful eye.  In the end, finding it was pretty easy and there is thankfully ample parking.  Once inside we give our current shot record and walk into the training room.  Low and behold it is the same teacher I had with Annie!  She even looks the same.  We, with Tucker jumping with glee, find a place to sit.  Unlike puppy school where it is all about socializing, we are here to learn manners and Obedience 101.  First lesson is to keep your poochie from nosing with the neighbor. 

I rub Tucker's inside of his ears which always calms him.  It holds him for a short time but the poochie in front of us begins barking and whining which means Tucker has to park back.  There is a lovely Golden to our left, the same color as Annie.  I melt a little looking at her thinking how much I miss our girl.  She is with her mom and a young boy of maybe 11.  I look around while we are waiting for everyone to arrive and take a few mental notes of our class.

On our right is a huge dog who sort of looks like a lab crossed with an Australian Ridgeback minus the ridgeback mark down its back.  Farther down from our left past the Golden is an English Bulldog.  The front row I can't see as well from my seat.  I see a German Shepard, a Lab and another poochie I can't see very well, then an adorable fluffy puff that I am not sure of, a Irish Setter and the poochie that had been barking who seems to be a black lab mix.  Soon to enter just as class begins is two dogs but I can't see but the one who is a white boxer with some brown around his eye and part of his face like a petite mask.

Our teacher, Loretta, begins with a welcome and the intro of what we are to learn.  Then the example by bringing her well trained Border Collie front and center to demonstrate.  We aren't to worry about the collars tonight but do some simple sits, stays and comes with treats.  I had brought two training (what they use to call choke chains) collars and two 6 foot leads as one is narrow and one is standard width.  I have been using the standard width with Tucker but I know in the past with our Sheltie poochies that I have used the narrow width one.  I don't know if the training collars I have are the right length so I wanted them to tell me if one is right or not.  I have Tucker in his harness and I decide to use the narrow lead.  

Tucker has really been behaving himself all this time, even sitting and listening.  He only gets excited when the black lab mix gets to barking.  On the floor are three squares of walking lanes.  We are in the center and now Tucker gets really excited.  He does his pogo stick moves to show how high he can jump and I ask him to sit.  He does...good boy.  I feel for the fluffy puff pup who I find out is 5 months old just like Tucker.  We are the babies of the class.  Most all of the class is at least 9 months to a year old.  The English Bulldog is repeating the class.  

Aside from Tucker always thinking one is to complete all forward motions as in "come" and "heel" with a pogo stick jump ending, he does well.  Especially since I don't have a collar on him.  I should have put the training collar on anyway but when she implied we would do that next week or if we got one during the week prior to the next class, that it was okay. 

The lady with the Irish Setter has her hands full.  He is nine months old and is more than a handful for her.  Did I mention that she seems to be in her early 70's?  The match of owner to pet seems quite wrong.  He is a true clown and enjoying himself thoroughly.  Loretta gets a prong training collar on him but only after he has had a chance to try and make this a game by rolling around on the floor and using his long legs to push her off.  It was actually quite a comical scene.....Once in the collar, with very little effort, it's like a light switch was turned on.  Bingo!  He does what is asked with an overgrown puppy style.  

Before we knew it class was over.  I went to one of the helpers with my training collars to ask which one seemed the right length for Tucker.  She felt both were too long.  Darn.  I thought for sure that one would be right.  I'll be back to the pet store, my "go to" store these days.  

All in all, Tucker did well.  I will change my treats as the ones I brought kept crumbling.  This distracted him because he wanted to lick all the crumbs up.  Do any of you have a favorite training treat you use?  I remembered that I have used tiny cut up pieces of Hot Dogs for some poochie.   That went over REALLY well.  Then I have used freeze dried liver treats that were good too.  

Now we have homework so that we can show how much we learned before the next class.

Monday, January 9, 2012

We start school tonight

Watch me....watch me....



Ahhh... the lessons in manners to be taught tonight.  For Tucker and for me.  I've been through doggie school so many times that dear son wonders why I need to go with Tucker.  Surely I can do it on my own?  I try to explain that I enjoy going.  After 10 years one gets rusty.  So you see, I need to go as much as Tucker.  I am excited to meet the new classmates.  I'm curious to see if Tucker walks forward or hops like a pogo stick, as that is what he does when he is excited.  We shall see......

Good boy!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday magic

A little Sunday magic that a fellow blogger I follow had on her post today.  So lovely and thank you Ciara

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little boots

Remember the "boots" I mentioned that Tucker appears to wear?  Yep, had to get a photo of his little fringe "boots". 

You can see that darn rear dew claw on the far foot that Tucker will have removed when he gets...ssshhhhh....neutered.  Okay the boots.... look at that fringe of his.  Minnetonka Moccasin's never had it so hip as you can see here.

Here is a back view of his "boots" and also his big boy coat down his back and his tail.  Yes Tucker works for his keep by "rinsing" our dishes before we turn the dishwasher on.  He does a fine job too.  

Hi Tucker!  Something tasty there?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh Thank You!!!!!

Just several days ago I received another Liebster Blog Award from Brando and Bogart.  Talk about surprised and tickled pink!  Thank you so much for honoring us Christine.

It has been so busy around our house as all my children were here and I wanted to just be with them so that meant no blog time.  Now everyone is gone :( and I have some time to try and catch up reading and writing on my blog.

Okay...here goes!

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve. As with any award, there is a bit of ceremony involved. In order to accept the award, we must do the following:
1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave us the award
3. Pick our five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs

1) Two Collies and a Mutt....  I am enjoying Marquie's blog about her gorgeous furfamily, Lassie and Petal who are the collies and sweet Ella.    All her photos are picture perfect and I wonder how she captures her poochies so well.  I could learn a thing or two if I ask.  I was taken in with a warm fuzzy memory when I saw her Lassie.  How many hours did I watch the old TV show Lassie?  A whole lot!  I loved Lassie so to find someone with a Lassie...heaven.

2)  Stella and Rory from Down Under...  So I get a huge kick out this blog.  I especially love their comments on mine!  They live so far away from California where I am, in a country I would love to visit someday.   I didn't know much about Great Danes and I can't believe how fast they can grow or how big they can get!    Love their photos too as well as their great stories they write about.

3)  Just me, Meeka....  Okay...I am a lover of Goldens.  Whenever I see Meeka I am reminded of our two adored Goldens Dixie and Annie.  There is a bit of whimsy in this blog that I enjoy so very much.

4)  The Chronicles of Cardigan....  This is a new blog I just started following and I am a becoming smitten with Corgi's!  I follow another corgi blog and thus my eyes keep seeing corgi blogs.   Back to this one though....it's catchy with fun writing and cute photos.  Looking forward to more reading time with Dewi and Jon Farleigh.

5)  Dakota's Den... Another newer blog I am following.  A Sheltie...yes I do love my Shelties.  Looking forward to reading more from this blog as well.  Good reading of all kinds about our furfriends.

Once again thank you Christine for the award.  Now click on the links and learn about these super blogs!   Congrats to each of you.
      Ellen, Tucker and Stewie

Grooming 101

Tucker's back paws at 12 weeks

Have you had trouble grooming your pup?  

I have been fairly regular at brushing Tucker and he seems fine with the brush if he can take a few bites at it for fun every once in awhile.  That was early on, now he seems to really enjoy his "spa time". For my benefit I have him on my kitchen table on top of a large beach towel.  I have him stand though he tends to do a bit of dancing around to see what I am doing from every angle.  Sometimes he will sit while I stroke down his back.  He clearly enjoys this section the best.  I do his chest, neck, ears and head last.  I take off his collar which has been a handy way to hold on to him, and hold his muzzle gently.  I can lift his head and have some control getting the brushing down under his chin and his chest.   His hair around his ears is growing a lot recently, so I have been trying to make sure no mats are forming.

Tucker's baby puff fur is been coming out and his guard hairs down the middle of his back seem to be coming in first.  Almost like the parting of sea with the adult fur on top and the baby stuff down the sides.  New color presenting itself for me to wonder if he will be toffee brown or a shade of honey.  He has the silliest fur on the back of his lower back legs which remind me of fringe boots.  I can't help but think of the song "These Boots Are Made For Walking" when I see him walking or running around.  Especially with his little strut he does.  Tucker is definitely a confident pup.  

What I am having trouble with is his nails.  He won't let me do them.  When he was smaller and younger he didn't put up much balking.  He wasn't happy to have it done but he would sit in my arms and allow it to happen.  I am so glad all his nails are white so I can see the quick!  Now he is a wiggler.  He squirms like crazy and before I know it he is staring at me with a look that says "What are you doing?!".   It's going to have to take two to do this boy.  Any advice from my blog friends?  What worked for you?

I tried to bring out the dremel nail tool I have as it is quiet.  He wanted to chew on it and make it a game.  Also he needs to be still for me to get the nail in the opening.  Stewie actually likes the dremel better than the nail clippers.  Stewie has never liked getting his nails done.  He hides his head into my neck, stiffly sitting in my lap, barely letting me handle each paw that he reluctantly allows me to extend.  Then I discovered by accident after grooming Tucker that he does much better sitting on the table and the towel.  All these years of doing his nails in my lap and now I find out that for him he feels more secure on a firm base.  Once done it is biscuit time and these pups love their treat!

Bath time had been quite easy as both pups fit in my large kitchen sink.  Until recently.  Just before Christmas I gave Tucker a bath and he is getting too big.  He wanted to plant both his front paws on the counter, then he would slide and that would get him nervous about the bath.  I can see that bathing him in the sink is soon to be a thing of the past.  Tucker is going to be much bigger than our past Sheltie Jesse.  I guess the shower or a trip to Petsmart to use their bathing area will be what we will have to do.  Darn.  

Which brings me to groomers.  I have considered that I could take Tucker to the groomers to get him use to being calm for grooming.  I hadn't thought about it till now that we use to always bring the other poochies to the groomers for baths and trimming.  It was there that they must have learned grooming manners because I don't remember having troubles with nail clipping before.  Okay, Annie our Golden really hated getting her nails done.  She seemed quite ticklish with her paws.  I would try to use the scissors or the clippers and have to be really careful that she wouldn't jerk her paw so I wouldn't clip too much.  Jesse loved his pampering.  He would lay down and practically doze off.  I suppose I could make Tucker an appointment.  I really like the groomer that I have used.  It is just two women who also board dogs and are into agility training.  It was one of the first boarding facilities that offered "play time" in a decent sized fenced in area with a lawn, doggie toys, and a little wading pool.  Most kennels use to just have a run for your dog and that was it.  Canyonwyck offered a chance for your poochie to run around and have some fun.  Seems like all kennels now have some kind of play area.  We rarely board as we have been lucky enough to either have our daughter come home to housesit or a friend of ours comes and housesits.  We need someone here to take care of our hens as well as our two kitties.  When we had our horses they needed their stalls cleaned twice a day as well as feeding, so it only made sense to have a housesitter.

One more week and Tucker starts doggie school!