Saturday, December 22, 2012


Stewie dons the Santa hat....perhaps not with enthusiasm but isn't he cute just the same?

Monday, December 10, 2012

I kind of find it odd....

I'm sort of back.....the wedding, family, has been full and blogging has taken a "back seat".  It's not that I haven't wanted to blog...really!

I have had an ongoing idea and today I had the camera, clicked the shutter, and now I must bring you in on the odd little thing that seems to be going on here.  Maybe it happens at your house too.

Tucker and Stewie's stuffed toys seem to have a mysterious thing going on.  There have been many, many times that I come across a toy to find in "posed".  It is standing or sitting, depending on what little critter it is, as though alive.  It can be anywhere around the house and I will come upon a squirrel sitting up, looking like it is just about to go scampering off.  A bunny stopped mid-hop, ducky ready to waddle away.  I keep saying I'm going to photograph these little oddities at my home because....I find them so odd and cute.

Today it was the alligator out in our hall looking like he was wriggling out from our bedroom off to see if he could get out our sliding glass door to slither into the pool.  Ahhhhh and Tucker just happened to be laying on the rug by the door blocking his toy from doing just that.

Does this happen at your house?  In all the years we have had poochies this just hasn't happened.  Really!  And there you have it.  Little stuffed toys that are prepared to come to life and if I were Tucker and Stewie I would be very careful with these just don't know what they might do. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm sorry but it has been busy here.....

I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in such a long, long time....we have a wedding in the family and I just have busy getting ready for it.  

Oh then starting in July we had a lot of time with family gatherings, vacation and poof! time passes by swiftly!

I don't think I'll be back till after mid October.....but if I have a chance I'll try to write..really I will.

I've thought of my blog friends and so much has gone on since the last time I read any blogs I'm sure.

I'm working on a special gift to bring to the wedding and my time is devoted to that....

Very happy times around here!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


We have been so busy around here with family visiting, vacation and life.  We will be back to catch up with all of our blog friends on what all of you have been up to.

We certainly have missed you all and look forward to sharing more Pupparoo time too!  Hope your summer has been superdooper!

Tucker and Stewie look forward to telling you about their kennel (Pup Camp) that they went to.  What a story that will be....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trouble and Mr. Cutie

Oh just so busy this past week as we were throwing a 4th of July Party and the count of guests kept going up and down.  Poochies didn't care but me, I was trying to figure out where we would seat everyone.

Tucker and Stewie on the 4th of July on my very bare hall floor

Then Tucker was a naughty, naughty boy the day before.  Our long Persian rug in the main hall he decided to chew a hole in the middle of.  About a 3 inch oblong hole!  He must have been quite sneaky as I never saw him do it.  Kind of like when I poochie gets a hot spot where there isn't one and then bam!, a ugly red huge wound.  So back to the rug and not a hot spot.....We rolled it up and put it away.  My hall seems bare without it but I'm not looking forward to what it will cost to someday repair it.  Tucker!!!!!!!

I bought some red bandana scarves for the two boys.  Stewie of course was less than excited for some patriotic flair and Tucker was more interested in chewing on Stewie's scarf.  Both of them were well behaved with all the guests we had.  He didn't jump in the pool with the kids (thank you Tucker) and he didn't steal any burgers or hot dogs.  Not sure if they were fed treats...and they will never tell.

Stewie posed for me reluctantly.  Tucker had too much to do to bother with a photo op.  Hope all of you had a great time on the 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

He did good

With Agador being ill last week I failed to tell the story of one night that Tucker woke us up....

For ALL the right reasons.

Dear hubby was already sound asleep while I was reading late.  I shut off my light maybe near 11.  I was awoken but not eyes open awake by Tucker giving his puff barks.  Intermittently, enough to make me say "Tucker no bark" after hearing him for several minutes.  


"Tucker no bark!"  "Tucker be quiet"  "Tucker GO TO SLEEP!"

I hear something that oddly sounds like a tractor tilling the hills of grass but I know this is absurd because you don't use a tractor in the night.  

Bark...bark...bark.  The sound of the "tractor" is clearly real.....

Husband seems to sleep on...lucky guy.

I open my eyes to rise up and give Tucker a what for when I see out our bedroom window flames.  We live in a semi-rural area of hills and little valleys and off far enough away but not so far that I can't hear and now I see, what Tucker has been barking at.

The sound of the "tractor" is of a house fire.  Our bedroom picture window spans a good portion of our bedroom wall to the front yard and we have nothing on our windows.  Flames are shooting in the air and it quickly reminds me of the house fire maybe 10 years ago that was at a home behind us over the hill.  That fire was very close and the sound it made was like this. 

"Good boy Tucker" I say after I rouse my husband.  "Fire!  Wake up call 911!"  The phone is on his side of the bed.  I haven't heard any sirens.  Can you believe it takes at least 6 long rings or so before anyone answers? They tell him they are on sight.  Really?  Doesn't look that way from our view with the mass of fire we see.

Several minutes later I hear some sirens.  Yes, now they are there.  I can tell without even seeing the home because of hills and trees, that this home is a goner.  I'm more worried of the dry California grass catching fire.  I hope these people have done their fire trimming of their property.  It's a breezy to windy night.  All the smoke is going north instead of our way, giving us a view and clean air.  

I'm so proud of Tucker for his alert to wake us up.  Stewie didn't make a peep.  In the future when Tucker does his barking, I'm going to pay attention, look and listen....

Good boy Tucker!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thoughts on being a dog

I often wonder what Tucker is thinking about.  I know he has a huge imagination.  He hears and sees things we don't.  When this happens he runs out of the room he is in, and it is as though the biggest, bad person has come into our home on the attack and he is sworn to defend us.  Then just like that, he stops and goes off to lay down or play with the handiest toy nearby.

Tucker thinks...."What is below the deck that I can't see?....I must stare till "it" moves...."

We've been watching the new show of "Dogs in the City" and there was one segment that had me thinking of  what we must teach the poochies and us, to do when someone comes to our door or inside our home.  Both Tucker and Stewie run to the door barking like crazy.  We're yelling to be "Quiet!" or "No Barking" which doesn't do diddly squat.  Well, we get bothered but the poochies think it is all great fun.

I know we need to work on their behavior as well as ours on allowing this to go on.  We need to practice opening and closing the door(s) and rewarding the good behavior.  We need to let them understand what we expect them to do when the door opens from outside or when we go to answer the door.  Right now it is CHAOS!  

It is hard on Tucker being a puppy to control the puppy attitude and we have been negligent in showing Stewie how to behave when people come over.

Then we have the people who come by that Stewie really doesn't like.  One being our neighbor and my brother by marriage who don't like dogs.  Well, they are smart and sense this but they also don't know how they should behave when these two men have stopped by.   They won't stop barking or growling (Stewie).  My husband will keep the neighbor outdoors but just hearing the voices outside upsets Stewie, which sets Tucker off.  Neither would bite as it really is all about the bark.  The louder, the longer, the better in Stewie's mind.  Tucker is being a copy-cat.

But what if you want them to bark at a REAL bad person....will they know the difference?  Will they know it is okay to bark at them and not at friends or family who come over?

Once the poochies have had the barkfest then they walk away or hang out for the petting they do enjoy from the friends and family.  It's just at the beginning.  Now we have a 4th of July Party coming up and I'm not looking forward to hearing them go bonkers every time the door opens.  

Guess I'll buy some turkey and start practicing this week.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birds and the Bees

Hope I don't embarrass myself or make you feel uncomfortable.....but.....

How do you explain to a poochie (Tucker) about the "Birds and the Bees"?  Oh yes, he is neutered and it isn't about him.

It is getting down right laugh out loud funny for us (because what else can we do!) that a..... whenever we are intimate....Tucker barks like crazy!  I know someone out there is going through the same thing with their furfamily.....

Now Tucker has figured out that he can jump on our bed (need I remind you our bed is high off the floor) recently and what a surprise that was!

Tucker, Tucker, Tucker....really in all the years we have had poochies, this is the first time we have have this kind of distraction.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Agador is well once more

Agador made the turn of feeling better!  I tell you, yesterday I was quite worried as he stopped wanting the baby food that he was willing to eat and he stopped drinking again.  I was deciding that he would be going back to the vet for more fluids and maybe discussing what we should do next.

WELL.....he decided to eat some Tuna at 7:00 P.M. and was chomping down big time.  He drank from the sink (I didn't care where he drank water just so long as he would drink!), he peed and ...I breathed a sigh of relief.

Today I caught him eating Leela and Luna's food ( I don't care!  Eat all of it...just keep eating!), he drank water, he's using the litter box...and he was bathing himself!!!  Yes, Agador is almost....Agador once again.

Thank you  for all the Power of the Paw Prayers....
   hugs from each of us to all of you!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update on Agador

Our visit to the vet was not a trip Agador enjoyed.  Yes, he growled and made awful sounds when we extracted him from his crate.  We had to unscrew it to lift him out because he was not going to come out without a struggle.

He tolerated the temperature taking and was 103 (kitties should be under 102, that being high as well), so we know he is sick.  Then we had to wait and I brought out his blanket from the crate and he lay on it, much happier than the formica table top.  I folded it around him to let him "hide" from the room.  He kept eyeing the crate and I could tell he just wanted to crawl inside and go home.

When dear Dr. Endo came in (she was the one who took care of our Annie and did her surgery), she listened as I explained all that had been going on with Agador.  She listened with her stethoscope which Agador did not like and kept growling.  Then she took him to have blood drawn, to have subcutaneous water injected, vitamins and then antibiotics.  

After that Agador said enough, take me home.

He seemed perkier after the fluids were given.  Still not interested in food nor would he drink voluntarily.  He did a big pee in the litter box this morning and thankfully he has not vomited since Sunday night.  Yeah!!!!!

Dr. Endo called to say all the blood work came back fine except for some unknown cause of a bad infection.  I've decided to bring him in today to check his temperature and to give him some more fluids.  I just want to keep him hydrated to help fight the infection he has.  Hopefully the broad spectrum antibiotics will do the job and he will bounce back.

Please keep the Power of the Paws Prayers going for Mr. Agador!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Needing the Power of the Paw Prayer

This isn't suppose to happen.  Not on my guard.  No sirree!

Agador has taken ill over the weekend while I kitty sit him for my daughter.   He hasn't eaten since Friday morning and has had vomiting of food sometime early Sat morning and since then clear liquidy vomit though not constantly.  Sporadically.  It breaks my heart to see him so unhappy looking.

We go in this morning to the vet to have him checked out.  I know he will need liquids as I don't think he is drinking enough.  He has been very quiet the past 24 hours with occasional walking around and last night he did, as we call it, mashed potatoes on my husband's chest as well as purred, but just before bedtime at 10:30 he vomited three times of the liquid and I had the worst time sleeping because of concern.  All I could do was hold him close next to me, stroke him softly and let him know that he was loved and must not miss his mommy too much. 

So far the only way I can get him to drink is from the bathroom faucet turned low where he has always enjoyed slurping from.  Oh Agador please be okay....

My daughter is very hard to get a hold of as she is volunteering on a farm near Big Sur in California.  No internet and no cell service and though there is a phone it is very hard to get anyone to pick up as they are either working making cheese, or tending to the chickens, goats and gardening.  I did get a hold of her this morning to let her know and she trusts me (thank you dear!) to do what is the right thing to take care of Agador.  She was a Veterinary Tech. for about 6 years so we discussed Agador's symptoms.

Power of the paw prayer please!

Monday, June 11, 2012

All in a day

Sunday = Tucker time

Checking out the tomatoes = don't touch

Pink soccer ball = play time

Come on mom...put the camera down and play with me!

What happens in the big bathtub out here?  

Yes, what will happen when the pool is warm enough to swim in?  Will Tucker be joining us?  Or like Stewie and watch from the top of the deck.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When we go out....

Mr. Tucker.......

When we go out must you chew on something you shouldn't?

Well, if you had to pick one thing to chew on then this isn't the worst you could have done.  I know, I know.....we should have fed you early before we went out to dinner because come dinner time you just go bonkers and you must be fed.

But seriously.  How did you decide to chew on the kitty water bowl?  I should be grateful that is was empty (?) in that I didn't have puddles of water anywhere.  I'm sure that because it was empty it became a great toy to fling around, chew, toss, chew, box, chew, then you cleverly hid it in the family room for us not to find.

Oh are such a silly boy!

I leave you with the non-destructive Stewie.  Peacefully he lays in the poochie bed......

Then a playtime picture of Stewie and Tucker....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because we all love to nap...



       Puppy dreams with little yips and twitching paws....

         Kitty cuddles.....

                   "My 'Do Not Disturb sign' is up"

"Please let me stay in your bed....please?"

"Mewwwwww you took my covers!  Now I give you the kitty stare of disgust"

Stewie in his puppy den of comfort and safety...on my side of the bed....all covered up with his blue blankie....content.....I use to want to get him a special bed in our room but the crate IS his special bed.  He made that clear to us.... the bed he would like to sleep in instead of his crate at night.  And we would, only he jumps up and barks at the littlest sound as though a prowler is lurking outside....sorry Tucker but only during the day do you get this bed.  His crate on Daddy's side and toys strewn all over the floor.

Lastly Leela and Luna, sisters who rarely are apart....sleeping in a basket that really is too small for them but that is where they choose to slumber.  Luna making sure to keep Leela's whiskers short as she grooms her constantly.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We're back.....!

Where oh where has Pupparoos been...(sung to the tune of Where oh where has my little dog gone...)?  Let's just say I was taking some personal time off from writing that went on much longer than expected.  Too much going on with stuff unrelated to the poochies!

While we were away (without even going on a trip), Tucker's ears have magically tipped.  I thought he was going to have his ears up forever and we were okay with that.  Shelties and their ears....I wonder if Collies do the same?  

Tucker had a run in with the sprinklers.  We finally had to turn the lawn sprinklers on with the rainy season passing.  I casually let him out since he so politely tapped on the sliding glass door with his front paw (which is to let us know that he would like to go out please).  He will keep tapping at the door as well as look back as if to say "hurry up....please".

I frankly hadn't paid attention that the sprinklers were going till I saw this flying Sheltie running around the pool.  I wish I had photos of that!  By the time I got the rubber gloves off from washing dishes, to picking up the camera and scooting out the door, Tucker was in a perplexed wet state.

"Mom, what happened?  It's raining where I need to go potty!"

Obviously he went since he got pretty wet and I think he found the sprinklers fun to play in....just like a little kid.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stewie lovin' his new lion

Stewie loves the new lion stuffy that I bought....oh Tucker does it was all Stewie's.

He was enjoying the multiple squeaks he could make it do, along with chewing on the lion's mane...mmmmmm tasty!

I had to post this photo of precious Stewie!  He does his "up" so cute!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pool safe?

A couple of days ago husband and son worked to spread our pool cover over our curvy pool.  Tucker thought he could  "walk on water" while they were working!  Of course you can't walk on water Tucker though for awhile you did walk on the cover till you got to the edge of it then

When we brought Tucker home our pool cover was folded up for next summer and we of course familiarized him with the pool edges and the water.  He never once tried to get in.  He seemed pool safe.   He hadn't learned that the cover skims the surface of the water and beneath it is not solid ground.

He tried twice while they put it on and both times they had to teach him that no, he can't get in the pool.  Thankfully he can dog paddle.

There is a lesson here.  Have you introduced your poochie to the pool and pool cover yet?  We use to have a pool fence when we had little kids but we removed it once our son was near 7 and would not get in the pool without an adult watching .  I wish our pool was a shape that we could have a cover that you could walk on or the kind of pool safety fence that is easy to remove as needed and put back up.  Ours was 6 foot high rod iron fencing that made you feel like you were an outsider looking into a apartment pool.  

So if you haven't double checked to see how your poochie is around a pool, maybe remind them of where the steps are if by chance they fall in.  Have a practice drill for their safety and your peace of mind.  

The photo above is done by a photographer Seth Casteel.  Check out his amazing doggy underwater photos!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I've been waiting to share this photo of Mr. Stewie.

Guess you can see why I love this of him....come on....Stewie with shades and a Corona beer?  He is ready for summer!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's me Tucker......

Mom hasn't been feeling herself coz her neck was feelin' icky....I think she might be better and I'll get to go for some long walkies as well as stir up trouble.....oh yeah....I do that everyday!

I think I'll take a nap coz I'm bored till Dad gets home so we can play....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is sweet and tickle the whiskers cute

I'm late in finding "Modern Family" but I have become a huge fan now.  So I was on facebook and off to the side where they have nifty or annoying ads was this is cute and sweet and isn't Eric just a kick?  His poochie Colman....aahhhhhhh so cute.

I'm not familiar with the product Beneful but I did like the ad....

Friday, April 20, 2012


I haven't mentioned Agador, our house guest, or as I say Grandkitty.  So I thought I would share some closeups of him and his unusual coat.

He's on the desk in our bedroom keeping eyes on the poochies (Tucker mainly) as well as our two Siamesers who are lurking around these days and being rude to our house guest.  

Here you can see his rather unusual coat with all it's rumply soft waves.  You can see where he doesn't have fur below his ears and on his belly.  

He also has some bare areas between his front legs.  We tease him and say he has saggy old man boobs.  I don't think he appreciates this comment.

Devon Rex's also don't have kitty whiskers like you would expect.  They are short and stubby.

He's made himself quite at home here....snuggled in our bed even after we got up.  He's going to milk those warm sheets for as long as he can...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mom's chair

Hey I know why you like mom's chair...pretty cozy and I can look outside.

Dude...this is my chair.  Mom told me so.

Really....coz I didn't hear that?

Mom get him off my chair....

Mom says smile for the camera and we needs to!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Purple Ball

Tucker loves my exercise ball.  LOVES IT!  He is obsessed with it!

He becomes a circus dog standing on his back legs and rolling the ball in front of himself..

He barks up a storm at it....

He rests with it.....

I love my purple ball.....

I don't seem to be able to exercise with the ball anymore.