Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas morning is for....

Posing on the sofa with the Holiday collar I have to wear.......

Being told to sit....still....while there is so much to sniff and I want to get treats!!!!!!

Now we have to pose for more photos, and our stockings are right there with all the family's.

Playing while we wait for the family to get out of bed....jingle, jingle!

Christmas morning is for being thankful we have a loving home....and wishing all pupparoos had one like ours.....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A friend sent this to me in an email and I just had to post it here....

Merry Christmas everyone!  I think I will be off for a bit with family coming and all the last minute extras to do.  Hope you and your families have warm, loving times together for the holidays.

xxxxxoooooo  from Ellen, Stewie and Tucker

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ho Ho Ho! Where are the biscuits?

Mom....Look what I found for you to wear for Christmas guys!  You are going to look sooooo cute!  Cute little Santa hats just your size.

Stewie.....Oh no holiday stuff to wear.  Maybe I can go run off before Mom tries to put it on.  

Tucker....Hey what's that?  Oh fun, something for me to chew!  Yeah we can play right?  Yeah..come on Stewie!  

 Mom.... Honey help me with the hats.  You do Stewie and I'll get Tucker.

Dad....It won't stay on.  Oh here now it's on.  Take Stewie's picture. 

Tucker.... Hey what is on your head?   Hahaha!  Look how funny you look Stewie!!!  Hahahaha!

Stewie....What do you think YOU look like?  I want to go to my bed and hide.  Dad save me....please....

Dad....I'll hold Tucker so you can take his picture.  Smile!

Stewie....I sure hope we get some biscuits for this.  I think I should get a gazillion for sure.

Tucker...What's a gazillion?  I don't like this thing on my head.  What is it?  Hahahaha!  YOU look so funny Stewie!!!

Stewie....What do you think you look like you, you, poop eater!

Tucker....What?  You don't eat poop?  

Stewie...NO!  Well....kitty tootsie rolls are ....good.

Tucker....What did you say? Where do you get kitty tootsie rolls?

Mom....Okay hold still you guys!  Let me take your picture!

Stewie....Make sure you smile so we can get this done.

Tucker....Do we have to do this again?

Stewie....Every year....

Mom....One more time!

Stewie....I really do like the holidays because I know on Christmas morning there will yummies in my stocking!  I know Mom and Dad like us to look all festive so I'll do one more picture....cause I love them.

Mom.... Next time I'll put the Jingle collars on with the hats then we can take pictures of them in front of the tree.

Stewie....Oh no......!!!!

Happy Howlidays everyone!!!! 


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Liebster Blog Award...whew we!

****I was all set to finish this today when I read via Dachshund Nola that a fellow blogger had a horrible home fire and that five of their sweet angels died.  I don't know this blogger or their story but I want to remind each of us to give our poochies and extra hug tonight.  Say a little prayer for the Kisa-Bull family as they grieve for their loss of home and poochies.  I am sure that if we could we would all send them a hug. 

Wow oh wow!!!!   Now I find that I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award....   A huge thank you to Leslie over at her blog Bringing up Bella for passing this on to me.  I recently started this blog Pupparoos! after Tucker came into our lives.  I have been blogging for awhile on Blogspot but I needed some happy-go-lucky style to keep my spirits up.  Little did I know what this blog would open up for me.  I have met such incredible poochies and their families, learned about other breeds, about other rescue poochies like Stewie as well as felt the sorrow of those whose poochies recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge, those who have had a potential medical crisis, those lost and now found, and most of all, how many pet lovers there are and how warm and kind each and every one of them are!

Drum roll......hear is how the Liebster Award works:  

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve. As with any award, there is a bit of ceremony involved. In order to accept the award, we must do the following:
1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave us the award
3. Pick our five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.

4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs

Each day I seem to open up a new blog that I want to keep reading about.  It may be the photos that are shared or it could be a story.  I have discovered that there are a lot of poochie and kitty lovers out there who share some pretty special stories.  So hard a choice to make but here goes......

1.  Lassiter Chase and Benjamin the Shelties.... When I first started my Pupparoos! blog I was looking for other Sheltie blogs.  Low and behold I find one with a pup real close in age to Tucker.  I have enjoyed following Benjamin's growth and what he is doing but also I have enjoyed the real life happenings in their home.  What is really uncanny is how much Lassie and Benji look alike!  So head on over puppy lovers....

2.  Eva the Sheltie.....This was the very first poochie blog I started to follow...yes she is a gorgeous Sheltie.  But there is more to the gorgeous Sheltie, it is her story that really got me reading this blog.

3.  Tanner Trains the Family....Having had Goldens I know how fun loving they are.  I think reading this blog reminded me of learning how Golden's think when we had our Golden pups.  I got such a laugh on the post from November 29, when they were out on a walk and Tanner's mom accidentally fell down into the mud on her tushy.  See I know how strong a big dog is and I certainly have had similar situations.  Tanner and is family make me smile when I read their blog.

4.  Run~Jump~Herd~Heal.....Another one of the first blogs I started to follow.  I was interested in learning about herding as I wondered if this would be a fun direction to go with Tucker.  Yet this blog is diverse in content and I am learning about agility, puppy classes and yes, about Corgis!  They are so cute with their adorable ears all perked up.  Such expressive little faces.

5.  Brando and Bogart.....Maybe it was the sweet photos of these beautiful Cavalier King Spaniels that brought me to this blog.  I mean look at their faces.....ahhhhhhh.....I just want to scoop them up for some puppy licks.  I'm looking forward to getting to know this blog, hope you visit them.

Thank you so much Leslie at Bringing up Bella for passing this award on to me.  I would love to include you too for having such a enjoyable blog to visit.  I really enjoy reading about how your rescue poochie Bella, found her furever home and how now she has a second life with a special family. 


Kreativ Blogger award, oh my!

     Bright and early this morning I find on my blog that my new friends from Urban Hounds has given me the Kreativ Blogger award.  I was tickled pink and very appreciative to receive it.  Having this blog has opened up a new direction with my blog writing.  I have been meeting and getting acquainted with other poochie and kitty blogs which always makes me smile, laugh, and learn about care, training and loving our furry friends.  There are some amazing furfamilies out there!

     So I see that I am to let you know ten things that you don't know about Pupparoos!.  Then I am to pass on this award to six other blogs.  Here goes!

1.   Stewie came from the ARF Rescue.  My middle daughter had adopted him and often would bring him over to hang out with our two poochies Annie and Jessie while she was at work.  I came to love this little guy who was initially scared of men and submissive towards the rest of us.  But being here to play, run, make buddies opened up this little Pupperoo.  My daughter sensed that he was much more happy with us and to make a long story short, Stewie moved in full time with us.  He still gets to see his first buddy, her kitty Agador, from time to time at Christmas or if we kittysit.

2.  Tucker is our fourth Sheltie that we have had since my hubby and I were married 34 years ago.  I saw my first Sheltie at the Golden Gate Dog Show in San Francisco and I was head over heels in love with the breed.

3.  Tucker's registered name is Shooting Star Harvest Moon Aglow. 

4.  Tucker loves to leap straight up in the air and quite high.  I don't think he knows how high he can go which is a good thing.  He is a VERY happy poochie!

5.  Stewie always sleeps by making a blankie bed that he can curl and cover himself with.  Sort of like a cinnamon roll bed.  He doesn't like the cold.

6.  I have two other blogspot blogs that I actively write upon since 2008.  I love to write as well as to do photography.

7.  Stewie loves to watch TV, especially Animal Planet shows.  Every night after dinner he expects us to go to the "Man Room" and sit with him for some Telly Time.

8.  If I could, or that my husband would tolerate this, I would have 5 Pupparoos.   I don't know why 5...maybe it was from watching the old PBS show "All Creatures Great and Small".  They seemed to have many poochies living with them and really I just love dogs.

9.  I am a big horse lover.  I began riding when I was 8 years old.  I have had 5 horses since that age.  I rode mostly Western Pleasure, Gymkana and trail riding.  I hope someday I may have a horse in my life again.

10.  My hubby and I love to go for hikes on the wonderful trails in our area with our poochies.  I can't wait to take Tucker out on them too! 

Now to pass on to six other GREAT blogs!

1.  Dachshund Nola .....I just recently found this adorable blog about Nola and her family.  I have a soft spot for Dachshunds because Stewie, we think, has a bit of Dachshund in him.  Her photographs always are so cute and oh, they are going to have puppies in there house! 

2.  Sara's Blog...Shelties!  I am quite in love with Shelties and these two, Oreo and Chewy are SO smart!  Sara has done many "Tricky T-day" videos that really are amazing.  I like seeing what I might learn from her with poochie training.  

3.  Two Collies and a blog I just started to follow.  Marquie does such lovely photographs of her poochies Lassie, Petal and Ella.

4.  BZ Goldens and I go way back.  Between Shelties and Goldens...sigh...I melt.  Not to say I don't love or like other breeds (please!) but having had two of the dearest of Goldens, and still mourning the loss of our Annie this year, well....her two Goldens do these wonderful photo shoots that fill that Golden void I have.   I almost feel I can reach out and touch them in her incredible photos.

5.  Stella and Rory from Down Under....Hey they are from Down Under!  Do you know how far away that is from California?    They are so cool and now I get to learn about Great Danes which I knew very little about.

6.  Just me, Meeka....Yes...a sweetie of a Golden.....maybe it was seeing an older Golden with the face getting white that caught my eye.  Maybe it was the facial expression...she had me hook, line and sinker.

Really there are SO many blogs I am loving to read each and everyday.  I wish I could give each and everyone of them this award!  

Monday, December 12, 2011

Playing with Stewie

Stewie and I were playing!  Mom tried to take pictures of us with that black box that sometimes flashes bright in my eyes, but we were flying in that big room.  Sometimes I would chase him and then he would chase me.

Then we would stop and dare each other to run some more.  Stewie is quick!  Mom was laughing at us and having fun too.

I'm daring Stewie here....come on, I bet you can't catch me!  We didn't run under the tree so we didn't get in trouble.  

I think Stewie is liking me!

Mom took this picture of me to show you my long whiskers and eyebrow hairs.  They kind of curl in a funny way they say.  How would I know?  Don't all whiskers look like this?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tucker under the Christmas Tree

So that's what they've been doing in the room I've never been in.  I can run fast in here and there's lots more places to go under and around!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mornings with a bone

Mom likes to sit at her computer to read and write in the morning.  She brings me over to sit at her feet and gives me this chewy big bone and she has a Latte that she makes.  The bone is suppose to keep me occupied and quiet.  She keeps the leash on me so I can't go anywhere else.  It's okay because I like to be near her only the blue pad is getting too small for me now.  It is Stewie's pad and even though there is another pad I could lay on I like his.

Stewie gets a bone too but he doesn't have to sit down on this pad like I do.  He gets to run to Mom and Dad's room and chew.  I don't really think that's fair and I want to go too.  But I haven't gotten the whole "housetraining" deal down yet.  I'm learning and doing really well but they don't think I am ready. 

I really, really want to go running all over the house.  Sometimes during the day Mom and Dad let me go out of the kitchen and I get to go running all over the place.  Going under the bed is cool!  I can see everything but no one can see me.  Dad and I like to play the games that I make up too.  I can see the kitties who hang out in Mom and Dad's room and sometimes Luna kitty will let me get up close to her cute face.  Sometimes she makes weird sounds that get me excited because I think she might play with me.  Then she tries to hit me with her kitty claws.  I don't like that.  Sometimes I try to get Stewie to run around with me and he sometimes will but most times he tries to play with just Mom.  I keep trying because I want him to be my furever friend. you think Stewie wants to be my furever friend?  Mom....can we go outside?  Can we go for a walk?  Mom....can Stewie come too?  What?  I'm bored chewing on the bone.  All this thinking makes me want to do something fun!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pupparoos and the hens

We've been taking Tucker to the chicken coop so that gets to know our hens and they to get to know him.  He watches them closely, waiting, observing.  You can see the instinctive herding thoughts filling his mind.  They stare at him just as closely.  Stewie ignores them.  He learned along time ago to keep his distance as they weren't going to play.  But that chicken poop is sure tasty (icky, icky icky!!!!!)!

Oh and I snapped this photo really quick because the two of them were being all sweet and cozy with each other........

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tucker's manners

Oh me, oh my....Tucker must be in the terrible puppy stage.  

He is getting stronger and of course doesn't realize it.  Let me just say that it still is cute all the puppy antics and exuberance, just that there is a good time and then there is the not so good time.

I'm taking the food manners head on.  Feeding time is not cute anymore.  Now Tucker is getting really good at sitting and the "don't touch" of having to wait till I say "take it" that he and Stewie can eat.  No the big problem is getting the food out of the bins in my pantry.

Tucker goes ballistic with the vertical jumping in place.  Like he is a puppy pogo stick.  Then as I am trying to open the bin top he starts trying to stick his nose in to grab food.  Not cute.  When he was little he couldn't see that high, but now he is all paws and pushy.  Oh, and the barking at the same time with all of this.

At first I would hold him off with my one hand while I scooped out his and Stewie's food but now the claws and noise is unacceptable.  Mr. Stewie sits so calmly, watching what is going on.  He looks confused and annoyed with Tuckeroo.  Me too.

Lesson one:  Stay calm (me).   

Lesson two:  Food is earned by good behavior.  This is going to be a huge challenge for Tucker.  My goal is for him to sit, just like Stewie, while waiting for a meal.  

For a few times I put him in his puppy pen to fend him off but that didn't stop the annoying barking and jumping around.  Now I have been holding him by the collar and asking him to "sit, stay".  So it is one thing to ask him to sit which he does quite well but to stay in a sit is a lesson in progress.  This is my goal though.  Now I sometimes confuse the command with a "sit, don't touch".  This is a quandary for me, because I don't want him to touch it either till he is released to do so by my "take it" command.

Yes, it feels like Tucker is challenging us to see what he can get away with and if we will allow it.  I realize I need to step up with tethering him with me.  When I am busy around the house it can be easy to put him in the puppy pen and not have to think about watching him.  Problem is that he doesn't have the chance to learn from being tethered to me, of what he can do or not do.  He may think he can chew that chair leg (not), or bark (not).  With him near me I can set up a positive of what he can do.  Provide him that pad to lay on and give him something he can chew.  If I am going room to room he comes with me and learns about the house as well as he has to do what I am expecting him to do which is to follow around me, not the other way around.  I am the "Alpha"

I know I have written about this previously but if you have any advice you can share of this stage of raising a puppy to be a welcome family member I would really like to hear about it.  Wish us luck and smooth training!