Friday, November 18, 2011


Yesterday was sunny in the morning.  A perfect time for a kitty sunbath in the living room.

Quiet time, and low and behold, Leela came out of our bedroom where she hides!

Luna worships the sun......

Wait...who's watching us?  Oh my kitty whiskers, it's him!  The yapper!   Maybe if I hiss he'll go away.....Sissssssss!  Go...go...go chew on a bone and leave us alone.  Oh bother, I'll just ignore him. 


injoyinmylife said...

What a purrrfect place for a sunbath. Luna and Leela, you are awfully precious. Is that Tucker I see?? Aw, cut him some slack, he just wants to be close to you.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

The Yapper -- how funny. Guess what mommy's brother-in-law calls me and my brother...Yappy Doo and Yappy Two. Guess it's a Sheltie thing.