Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping, treats, training, Puppiness

I took Tucker down to a shop in our town called Molly's Pup-Purr-Ee to find Tucker a new harness.  The young woman in the shop was enjoying herself thoroughly with him.  Getting Tucker to sit and giving him a treat.  He was excited to get treats and attention.  Well of course!

I picked out a royal blue and green plaid harness with the style name of "Yarmouth Plaid" made by Up Country.   Yarmouth is near where my daughter's fiance's family have their family run motel so I like the link of names.  Not to mention I have a thing for plaid on Shelties.  Our Jessie had a red plaid harness and he always looked so dapper in it.

I feel much better using a harness with Tucker in case he slips out of the collar while we are out.  Everything away from home is new and exciting but can be questionable too.  He doesn't seem scared just that he may not know what an object is and jerk away.

I have Puppia harnesses for Stewie that fit quite well for the small guys or girls.  Collars slip right off Stewie's wide neck.  Once we were walking in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and I looked down and Stewie was nowhere in sight with the leash.  I looked back and he was standing there puzzled and confused.  That scared me so that I decided a collar was not for walks, but only for the tags.  Puppia makes so many cute harnesses and patterns that is impossible to choose. Of course I can say the same for Up Country.

It's been so long since I did Dog Training Classes that I wonder if they have changed in 11 years.  I see so many poochies with Gentle Leaders or other types of harnesses versus Choke Chains.  I am really excited to start the training classes in early January.  I love seeing all the different types of dogs and their owners.  I wish we could have done the Puppy Classes but it's not that big a deal.

In the shop today a Boston Terrier came in and then a small white pup.  Tucker was happy as could be.  I think he would have loved to stay there and hang out.  I didn't bring Stewie since it can be enough to handle Tucker at this point without having the potential tangle of leashes in a store.  I'll bring Stewie another time.  

I think Santa Paws will be bringing a new collar for Stewie for Christmas.  But shhhhhh don't tell!

Barbara Woodhouse

So now we are set for some more walkies.  Did you ever watch the TV series "Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way" back in the 80's?   Tim and I use to watch Barbara Woodhouse's show every time we could find it on the TV.  We loved to hear her call everyone to "Walkies!".  I wonder if I can find that series on Netflix?   Just to hear her would give me a big smile.  It seemed like all the doggie owners were in dire need of training and the doggies would look at them confused.  It really is the dog owner/trainer who needs the training!  If every dog training class would take a movie of their class and play it back as part of the lesson I am sure it could be invaluable to everyone.  How do we talk to our dogs?  How do we stand?  Our body language says as much to them as it does to another person.  How often do you see a meek person who decides to pick a breed that they haven't a clue about let alone train?  The trainer picks up that dog's leash and instantly the dog responds.  

Let's face it.  Pups at 4 to 6 months can be quite full of themselves just as they have begun to grow into the body they will have as an adult dog.  The large dogs get strong and the little ones unmanageable.  If they haven't had any training beyond that age you have a pup into a dog that gets shoved into the backyard who becomes even more unruly.  So sad.

Me wild?  Huh?

A biggie that I need to work on with Tucker is when I am getting his and Stewie's food out of the bins in my pantry.  Tucker goes crazy to have it as soon as he can.  He jumps, barks, repeat....oh boy.  I have put him in his puppy pen to keep him        out of the pantry but he still is jumping up and down and barking.  He is getting pretty good with waiting after I have the food and put it in front of him.  He waits till I say "take it!" though I wouldn't say he is 100% willing to do this.  Any suggestions?   I'm thinking I need to get him to sit before I even open the bins or put food in their bowls.  Stewie is such a gentleman, sitting patiently.  He knows the ropes quite well.  He looks at Tucker like he is some crazed dog who is living with him.  


Sara said...

WHat a face!

Oh, that is a problem around here too! Lots of excitement when food is involved.

Priscilla said...

I always use harness whenever we take Eva out. I just feel safe and won't have to worry that she might slip out of her collar.

Tucker has grown so much, he is so cute!

Bailey said...

What an adorable face.