Friday, November 4, 2011

Puppy Manners

Puppy manners are in order.  Mr. Tucker has decided to test us all, including Stewie who is doing a grand job of letting Stewie know that it is not acceptable to annoy him for too long.

Indeed Stewie is beginning, do I dare say, to sort of get along with Tucker.  He wants to be in the kitchen when I have Tucker out of his puppy pen.  He sniffs and allows to be sniffed.  He does not want to fully play but I think great strides have been made.  

Back to puppy manners.  In the beginning puppies are adorably cute at whatever they do.  Then they get mischievous with the games.  An example of Tucker is after he goes and does his "business" he was so easy to pick up.  Now he wants to play the game of chase and run.  As in get me to run after him.  Nope.  Will not play that game, because we know that I will lose this one and he will be smirking the whole time.

So what to do?  Collar and leash.  Yes, we have used the collar and leash but not all the time.  Out in our front yard yes, but the backyard had been fine.  Till know.  It's time for him to learn who is "Alpha" in this house.  Human family first and Stewie next.

Now he gets to follow around with me on the leash and learn to sit or down quietly.  To do this you need to make sure you have some toys or chewies for a pup to amuse himself with while you sit, as well as a pad for them to lay on if it is bare floor.  He gets to hang out with his "Alpha" human family so he isn't lonely.  Most of all to make sure play time is followed by this because pups do need to run and go crazy to burn off some burrs under the saddle.

With the change in weather I think I will take him out on the leash because there is nothing worse than running down a wet or possibly muddy pup in the wee hours or at night.  Get it over with and back into the warm house.

I also have started with sits and come.  He is getting the sit down as well as come.  Treats really help the process.  Little treats like a piece of his kibble.  

It's coming back all the dog training I have done with our Pupparoos....all coming back. 

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Priscilla said...

Little Tucker is so cute!

Eva loves food and she is willing to do anything as long as she is given lots of treats.