Sunday, November 6, 2011

King of the Butcher Block Island

Tucker, Tucker, Tucker....since day one he has been excited about our Butcher Block Island (BBI).  At 8 weeks he could sleep under it but had problems climbing up on the first level.  That didn't last long.  Then he would clumsily climb up on it and lay there.  Next it was the jump up.  Now he hurls himself up there and acts like he just climbed Mt. Everest!  He looks down on those upon the kitchen floor like he is the King.  Stewie has never been interested in the BBI unless something falls from the heavens above.  That's what the BBI is for.  To look up and await a gift.

Tucker hasn't learned that yet.  For now he is content to lay on the wood and look out.  Or sometimes he runs around the kitchen and flies through it with leaps and bounds.  

Did I mention that Tucker is like a big ole' Teddy Bear?  He loves to be loved with hugs and kisses, then like a little kid he is ready to rock and roll out of your arms.  Zoom!  Off to tackle toys!

Here's Stewie and Tucker sort of playing.  But really Stewie is telling Tucker that the road kill chipmunk is his.  

This is Stewie with the his look he gives Tucker a lot.  Oddly he wags his tail at the same time.  Mixed message?

Lastly a photo with Stewie and his "I would love a biscuit" look.  I like his happy face much better than the snarly one.


Sara said...

LOL. Love it when puppies climb on the furniture! Such a sense of exploration :)

Stewie, Stewie, Stewie....what is this alien doing in YOUR house?

Finn said...

That BBI is the best hiding place ever. I love that look Stewie! have a good night!

Meeka said...

Hi Tucker and Stewie. Nice to meet you.
Oh my GOSH, Tucker is one handsome pup.

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Love Stewie's face in the last photo. Speaking of biscuits I sure am hungry!