Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Leaves

The leaves are falling from the trees in front our house.  We've been taking Tucker out there with Stewie for some collar and leash time.  With hubby's suggestion, though I don't like them, we are using our extendable leash.  It does work nice as he can run and romp without the restraint of a 6 foot lead.  I try not to let it get to the end because of the potential jerk (that's why I don't like them).   

He's finally not always thinking about the collar or the leash and just play.  So many different smells, textures to walk on.  I've tried to get him by the chicken coop which he doesn't seem to want to do.  So I pick him up and we watch them.  

This has been a good way for Stewie and Tucker to play.  More like tolerate is how Stewie feels.  He knows just how far to stay away from being pounced upon!  

So funny to watch Tucker in a pile of leaves.  He wasn't sure of the feel then he decided it was just fun to bury his nose in and try to chew on the leaves.  I throw them up in the air which he thought was fun too.  

Stewie hasn't been into photo-ops...

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