Monday, October 24, 2011

Play + Fun = Happy Pup!

Tucker has had much to do this past week.  He wants to be busy and active and that means Tim and I  have to think of what we can offer Tucker to do.  Chew toys are fine but outside he wants to run around and play.  He can also get into trouble by pulling up the grass which we frown upon.  He can find the smallest rocks or twigs and take off with them as well.  So what to do?

Being a herding breed, a ball was perfect.  We have this game of dog soccer where I kick the ball and Tucker follows it, stops it, and oddly enough, sometimes puts his paw on it.  Most times the ball is faster than him but he always lays down when it "stops" and "waits" to see what happens.  That means I come and kick it again and the game starts over. He can do this for quite awhile till I can tell he is "tuckered" out and we take a break.

Next I remembered we had a pop open tunnel that Ryan use to use and I brought that out.  First agility game!  He caught on to the going through the tunnel with ease.  He also likes to roll it by standing against the side and walking on his back legs.  Pretty funny to watch.  

Sometimes he crawls inside and just lays there.


As for Stewie....he is little by little getting use to Tucker.  He does quite a bit of the lip curl but less than he use to.  Puppies have a lot of energy and an older dog can tolerate only so much, so I do often let Stewie have his own time away from Tucker.  I do laugh at Stewie because when the puppy pen is open he does go in there and lays down on Tucker's bed.  Often bringing the puppy toys in with him.  I guess he is trying to let Tucker know it is not all his.

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