Thursday, October 20, 2011


When I first brought Tucker home we right away went to our back lawn.  It was clear he had never been on grass.  He wobbled around like a little drunk, falling left and right, sitting on his wee little tush.  Success he did a wee little tinkle and I scooped him up with much praise.

I brought him into our kitchen where we have our makeshift puppy pen.  Stewie observed all this with one eye my way and one eye to Tucker.  His look was "who is this?"  Tucker came up to sniff through the pen at Stewie who stalked off.  Okay....not exactly being hospitable.

I tried to keep the rest of the day quiet for our new family member to let him settle in.  I took him outside to do "his business" and he was successful every time.  Yeah!!!  Stewie would come out with us and he got the big praise too, though he took it with confusion of why I was giving him the verbal high five for something he just does.  Little Tucker would walk so slowly around the yard trying to figure out this green stuff under his feet.  It was like he couldn't decide to like it our not.

Amazing how a puppy adapts.  Within 24 hours he was walking around on the green grass with ease.  The step up onto our deck was another story.  He hadn't done steps either.  He'd try to go up and sometimes roll over backwards.  He'd get up and do it all over again and then he was up walking on the wood deck.  More new stuff.  Lot's to potentially chew on.  I had to give him the "No" every time that happened.

Stewie still was giving him the "stink eye".  The first night Stewie couldn't understand why we didn't hurry up to the "Man room" for TV time after dinner like we always do.  Stewie loves TV, especially any animal shows.  Don't you watch TV with your pooch?  His look was "Hey what gives?"  Here we were sitting on the kitchen floor getting to know Tucker, trying to get Stewie to come in too and he was just not interested.

I expected this.  It's not going to happen right away.  In fact, I don't expect much for even a month.  Patience.  Lot's of love and patience.  Oh, and let a silly puppy mature and understand doggy boundaries helps.

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Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Wow, you did great Tucker! You pee peed on the grass. That is pawsome! My little brother Bejamin, is still having trouble with potty time. He didn't do any pee or poo outside yet -- just in the house. Mommy tried to get him to pee outside but nothing happened, he just sat there. We are having some luck with pee pads in the house -- butt I know that is just temporary.