Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Close encounters of the kitty kind

It wasn't planned.  Luna was on the deck doing her sunbathing.  I didn't realize she was out there.  Tucker was released from his puppy pen, did his "business" out on the lawn and allowed his freedom in the kitchen which has access to our deck on that side of our house.  Tucker learned how the doggie door works and can let himself in and out, which he finds quite entertaining.

He goes out and begins his puppy play when I hear this kitty hiss.  There is Luna walking as slow as possible (smart kitty!) trying to make her way to the doggie door to escape this creature she sees on her deck.  (Any one with kitties knows that they think they own the home and we merely reside here to do as they bid).  

Tucker is staring at this odd looking pup (to him) and doesn't jump, bark or move.  Just stares.  Waiting.  The game of puppy pounce could be imminent!  Luna is growling and looks back with warning to Tucker.  Back off!  I am sure that between Luna and Stewie that they feel this little puff ball will be leaving and the sooner the better.  They can't go into the kitchen or deck without passing through a gate.  

Tucker just stares.

Luna manages to escape and dash off to safer zones where she knows brilliantly that the puff ball can not go.  Yes, she knows.  She, after all, is a kitty.  Supreme thinker of her domain.

Stewie has found that he is fed up with the boarder.  He huddles on the couch in the evening, observing inconspicuously with one eye, of the play going on below in his "Man Room", the room he always has couch time with his mom and dad.  Now dad is on the floor with that puff ball yapper.   Mom sits with Stewie, finding that sitting on the floor to watch TV straining on her neck.  Stewie and I cuddle.  He isn't buying it all yet.  That we love him as much as we always have.  That we are falling in love with little Tucker too and have room in our hearts for both of them.  No, Stewie isn't there yet. 

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Sara said...

OMG, Tucker is sooooo cute!