Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ah come on...just play with me!

You know how a picture tells a story?  So you can see how Tucker is just waiting for a bit of playtime but Stewie....oh Stewie's body language is a clear "NO!".  Our unhappy camper.  

Actually this is good.  It teaches Tucker to understand where he stands in the house.  Stewie is the Alpha-dog and wants to make it clear.  He makes the decision to play or not.  Tucker learns that this guy is not a puppy let alone like his brothers and sisters.  I give a lot of credit to Tucker.  He doesn't stop and Stewie doesn't either.  Well, he did run out to the lawn all happy for all of 5 seconds then he did the snarly lip and came back to the back screen door.  Tucker he just is too happy to let anyone or anything ruin his moment of play.  Pure play of joyful bouncing around.

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